High Street Heritage grant for ‘signs, lighting and graphics’ at Harbour Bar

Harbour Bar

Ramsgate’s Harbour Bar, in Harbour Street, has been awarded a grant from the High Street Heritage Action Zone project for works to the building which will include graphics and illuminated buoy-shaped lanterns.

The bar is one of several properties in the street prioritised for the funding.

A planning application outlines proposed works will include replacing windows and creating news signage, lighting and graphics.

The application says: “This detached building holds a prominent position at the northern end of Harbour Street.

“Its Art Deco styling is an unusual and positive factor in key street and townscape views. Therefore, we are suggesting here to enhance its location by playing with graphics and lights that suggest the original Stag’s Head pub that was demolished but also suggest modern addition to this pub façade such as illuminated lanterns shaped like “buoy” and make of this building a gateway through Harbour Street.”

Example graphics show lettering on brickwork, bird art and other painting styles.

Harbour Bar is at the site of the former Stag’s Head which shows licensees going back to 1871.

Image http://www.dover-kent.com/Pubs/Stags-Head-Ramsgate.html

The Ramsgate High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) programme is funded by Historic England and offers grant opportunities for capital works to buildings, primarily to conserve, restore and enhance shop fronts and building facades. The HSHAZ programme runs until March 2024.

Ramsgate was one of 68 historic high streets to be awarded with the funding in 2020.

The award of £1.1million was aimed at helping the high street to recover from declining footfall and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic by turning disused buildings into homes, shops, workplaces and community spaces.

Thanet council is the lead partner.

A Thanet council spokesperson said: “Harbour Bar is one of a number of properties in Harbour Street in Ramsgate that have been prioritised for High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) funding from Historic England.

Harbour Street

“The HSHAZ offers grant opportunities for capital works to buildings, primarily to conserve, restore and enhance shop fronts and building facades.

“Harbour Bar fulfils the criteria for HSHAZ funding as it sits in a prominent position at the northern end of Harbour Street, and contributes significantly to the visual appeal of the area. The proposals that have been submitted to the council for planning approval, aim to enhance the exterior of the Harbour Bar.”


  1. Let’s hope that they are not in a hurry. The Old Cottage Pub in Margate High street has been waiting ………….Jus a couple of years for approval on lights and signage.

  2. TDC will spend it all on consultants to tell them how to spend money they’ve already spent on consultants. That’s how the wasteful public sector is. They revel in spending (wasting) other peoples money on crap, resulting in proud councillors smiling in press photos congratulating themselves on our great they all are, while us minions wonder what have they spent it all on, because I bet we’ll see absolutely no difference.

  3. I can think of alot nicer pubs in ramsgate.
    In the summer theres normally about 10 or so drinkers out all day being loud. It’s not a good look for families.

  4. think that building was up for sale recently,maybe nwithdrawn now. was shown the details £600k+ iirc. Think about accessibility for all ie the stairs to the basement restrooms-there is history.
    Would make a good airbnb type place before new airbnb type places are banned.
    I think the new upper floor windows should match the remaining pub windows. ie timber frame. The outside folding bench’s are a good idea it they stop patrons using the planter outside the bookies as a smoking seat and butt bin.
    Should have rented the inside & outside walls out to Banksy !

  5. I hope that crappy looking chip shop at the other end of the street is getting some funding too. It’s a proper eyesore.

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