Tiny Margate gallery opens miniature exhibition space with small-scale ‘toilet’ installation inside

Artist Jemimasara with a previous 'toilet' installation Photo by Oliver Goodrich

What could possibly be the ‘smallest’ bricks and mortar gallery in the UK opens a second miniature exhibition space next month with an even smaller installation inside.

Liminal Gallery in Margate is launching its second exhibition space ‘The Cupboard’; with  an open call space for artists living and working in Thanet.

The residency spans three months and is selected by the founder and director of Liminal, Louise Fitzjohn.

The first artist at The Cupboard will be Jemimasara who will be debuting her installation ‘The Toilet’.

She said: “The Toilet’ is a miniature installation which explores the main themes in my work. Perhaps women’s art belongs in the toilet…at least it would get more viewing time.

“‘The Toilet’ encapsulates a place of safety, contemplation, expression, privacy and the invasion of privacy, puppetry and day to day life. I wanted to create something that utilises the toilet, which is a universal experience and touchstone of the mundane, whilst also highlighting the current narrative of the public toilet – being vulnerable, inaccessible and unsafe spaces too.

“This miniature installation investigates the main themes within my practice: feminism, text, accessibility, slogans, freedom of expression, everyday life and boundaries.”

Jemima Sara’s previous work uses toilets as a symbol for accessibility, health and conveying the importance of having accessible spaces to feel safe.

Jemimasara moved to Ramsgate during the covid restrictions in 2021. She is a multidisciplinary artist who incorporates everyday life, mental health and freedom of expression into her practice.

Her formal training in Puppetry at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (graduating in 2018) was followed by an MFA in Drawing at Camberwell (graduating in 2021) .

The Toilet will be exhibited from March 11-June 10 at The Cupboard, Liminal Gallery, 34 Fort Hill, Margate.

Private View is on Saturday 11th March 4pm-7pm and is sponsored by Old Dairy Brewery. All are welcome.

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  1. more of the same , please enough is enough , why dont they clear orf to brighton or somewhere that might fall for it – i dont.

    • You’re right. In all of the visits I’ve made to galleries in Margate I haven’t yet seen a single painting of dogs playing snooker OR dogs playing cards, the type of art that the likes of you and I surely deserve. This has to change.

    • Oh dear Oh dear Oh dear…. do you really think that? Do you really? Real World?
      Would you consider some of this work is done by victims of the real world…. would you consider for a moment in your ‘real world’ that their art is born into this ‘real world’ from a darker place than you will ever know real world with your frivolous non recyclable comments….. you are not in the real world are you? Or is real world your birth cert name? If not then I do hope you can be a part of the real world and see there is something called kindness with sophistication. A tip : for you real world person …its by far more noble to attempt to see whats GOING ON IN THE REAL WORLD than to call yourself real world and to speak with a judgemental tongue… when you do not know why, what or anything about the artists you put down! Time to reflect real world on real times ……..

        • Delboy ? Do you take this name after an actor with much respect, talent and known as one of the legands of household comedy ?
          And you also take the slogan from other commercial adverts…..Interesting!? You do not seem to be a person with much of your own input. Just plagarising from others. I feel sad for you. Please attempt to raise your standards of personal habbits and hygene-just a tip- or is this something you do in public regularly? Disturbing as you do know what you’ve said you would do is illegal …right. I feel bad having to educate you on your potty training, well i feel empathy for a so called grown person does’nt know that their actions may end them up in the magestraits court! Im sure in your case ” He who casts aspersion bears the burden of doubt” would definately apply.

  2. Well they always say a lot of modern “artists” wouldn’t exist without free money (sorry, I mean Grants), but at least this one does have a pot to pi*s in.

    • Rob …. Who are they? Are they in your imagination? You seem to have clarity on your colloquialisms and slang. Along with your bitter lemon (ops mistakes)… You are hilarious but dont give up on attempting to be a tad sweeter on your bitter side!

      • Well Diane. I use my eyes and my eyes see the drawing of a penis and testicles, the C-word is also mentioned a few times, so is the F-word, and I presume it also reads “finger my C-” as well. Very eloquent I must say. I am not bitter. I am merely remarking on what goes for art these days. Crap…literally.

          • Then just think yourself lucky that you cannot see the supposed art that you seek to defend.

            It is nothing more than low level, poorly executed graffiti.

            As has already been pointed out it repeatedly features the ”C” word. When does its use become acceptable because it is classed as art ?

    • Most artists do not have access to ‘free’ money, they have a job or many jobs…..

      This is about feminism, text, accessibility, slogans, freedom of expression, everyday life and boundaries.

      We need artists and activists to help raise awareness about issues that affect society today.

      Graffiti in public toilets is common place, the ‘C’ ‘F’ and ‘P’ and many other words are used….

      Saying how it is out there and using the ‘C’ word seems to be insulting for some reason….

      • You must frequent more unsavoury public toilets than I do then Sally! Or maybe ladies toilets are even worse than the gents?! Years ago they’d be full of graffiti, but not so much now. You may see phone numbers for “services” but I rarely see random repetitive swear words in cubicles. So this “art” is not “saying it as it is” as you claim.

        I fully understand freedom of expression and understand how art or any design has to have a hidden or obvious message. If thus art is about feminism then that’s fine, I’m not against that.

        But you mentioned “boundaries” and this art crossed the boundary of expression and expletives for expletive sake. It’s just nonsensical. Yet for you arty types who seem blinkered to the real world, this is allowed and adored!! If anyone who wasn’t arty did this, or painted on a wall they did not own, they’d be castigated and arrested. But as long as its carried out by an art luvvie or artist with a left-wing tick box message, then you all fawn over it with excitement and cannot allow anyone else who is normal to have a different opinion to your blinkered and narrow view. Basically all you defenders of this art seem a bit cranky to me.

      • Maybe a few don’t get grants, but most artists who want to push boundaries with rubbish works of art do get grants or they display their rubbish in grant funded venues. If any of them had to be commercial and run it as other businesses do, they’d go bust immediately. So their art is so wonderful it needs bungs to keep it going or to be seen. If this particular artists with her picturesque kharsies does this part-time and did not receive funding, then by free advice to her would be to not give up the day job

    • So here speaks Peter Checksfield with a bitter and mean side! I feel so bad for you because you just cannot stop yourself from attempting to as you appear to slur Tracey Emin’s wonderful sophistication and beautiful understanding of life. Tracey makes this world a better planet to be… Tracey Emin is a fine strong person whom has more dignity and respect for life and people than you have in your little toe tuft.This is how I see you …always salavating at the opportunity to belittle Tracey Emin. Shame on you as well as sympathy. I hope you get better soon. Kindnesses are simply magical!

      • You bleat on about “kindness” “respect” and “dignity”, yet its you Diane whose just personally slagged 3 people off, merely for expressing their opinion about the art itself, as opposed to personal slurs or insults.

        • I do feel empathy for you. Your little attempt at pouring your bitter nasty to me fails. Please do understand your words are not balanced! i was merely expressing my opinion! Do attempt a little appreciation in life. Your world will change. Be brave! Try kindness.

      • Eh? I guess it depends whether or not one is a fan of Ms. Emin’s work… and as you undoubtedly are, then surely my words are complimentary?

        As the late, great Jerry Lee Lewis would’ve said: Think about it, darlin’.

        • Well said Peter. Jerry Lee Lewis is just the man to cite when considering modern art. He never sought to be controversial or push boundaries. He was a proponent of the traditional moral values we should all aspire to.

        • I have not seen you write anything kind nor with polite about Tracey Emin you always, as I said ” you appear to slur Tracey Emin” and “This is how I see you “.
          Im not sure why you need to use others words to address my comments/ opinions? Thanks anyway..in your effort… However, im pretty sure the acquired depth of understanding is revealed in time alikend to the uncurtained window, broken or not which reveals.

          • I visited the Sun Studios in Memphis a few years ago and it is steeped in the history of rock & Roll, and also Blues. Jerry Lee Lewis recorded there with Elvis, Roy Orbison and Carl Perkins. There is still a large burn mark on the piano that Jerry Lee Lewis played!
            Sorry for butting in on your argument, but I thought as JLL was being discussed, I would share my experience!!😊

        • peter you said …”As the late, great Jerry Lee Lewis would’ve said: Think about it, darlin’.”
          Again, why do you need to use the slurp talk of others to put your opinion over?
          Has writing about it taken your personality over?

        • Ray the bread. He did not invent the toilet. Queen Elizabeth I’s godson, Sir John Harington, created the first flushing toilet in 1596, it was engineer Thomas Crapper who popularised a more refined model in the 1860s.

          • Your right I admit I was wrong ,but he did popularise the system in the 19th century,he also had a patent for the ballcock

        • Disagree stale mate.
          Elizabethan courtier Sir John Harington in 1596. Known as a water closet, it was installed in Richmond Palace.
          Sorry if I have just educated you. I offer this with good intention. Mr Crapper indeed had a more take on the flush. However, alas not the real intelligence / inventor!

          • Why do you have to make derogatory remarks about people who do not share your version of art and no, you have not educated me,my first remark was in a sense of humour,not to your liking, but hey ho that’s life,I personally don’t care for Tracey Emins,work or her ilk ,very secondary school and not very adult, but that’s my view,I do not make sure remarks about other let views like you do,good night

        • Dear me….Ray the bread….you wrote “Why do you have to make derogatory remarks about people who do not share your version of art and no, you have not educated me,my first remark was in a sense of humour,not to your liking, but hey ho that’s life,I personally don’t care for Tracey Emins,work or her ilk ,very secondary school and not very adult, but that’s my view,I do not make sure remarks about other let views like you do,good night”…….. Firstly,Im sorry you feel that way! However,I have made zero derogatory remarks!Alike,Im into others humble opinions.If anything you were being almost nasty and certainly dismissive of artists work & it was you whom superimposed the artists work in discuise of jocularity. If you do not care for Tracey Emin’s work then ok thats your humble opinion but there you go again compairing grown adult sophisticted work to as you said ” secondary school and not very adult” .. So there we are the tangled web of slur with attempted jocularity vs the retention of respect and humble opinion(s)! Have a happy day 🙂

  3. Have to say I did laugh to myself when I would walk past the shop in Ramsgate high street, a load of overpriced slogans with a sketch! If you wanted something like that you could easily do it yourself.

    The only people buying this guff are people that want to try to be cool, quirky and hip, but aren’t. You know the type, the men have a bobble hat rolled up above there ears, a baggy knitted jumper or checked shirt, and a pair of either skin tight jeans or a baggy pair that are too short along with converse, the women the same, except for the rolled up bobble hat, they may have a ribbon in there hair instead. Often have a small dog too.

  4. Exactly RL you are alone so you have to laugh to yourself. i feel sorry for you. May be if you practice being a nice and kind person you wont have to laugh alone!?

  5. If this is what is considered to be art then I need new eyes. It doesn’t belong in a gallery. Nobody needs to see all that obscenity. Flush it down into the sewers.

  6. The only so called “art” I detest is public graffiti otherwise known as eyesore. Art that is displayed in a gallery is fine by me one has a choice to go in or not to look at it. The toilet art is much more likely to pull visitors in. We went into an exhibition in Amsterdam displaying male and female genitalia one of the staff told me they were having 800 to 900 visitors per day, I asked her why did she think the exhibition was so popular she replied “ many come in to see the exhibition because they are insecure about their own body but after seeing 600 photos of other’s genitalia they leave happier assured that give or take an inch or two people are people and we are all the same body wise, it’s in our heads we are different”

  7. An, I fully agree with you we went to the same exhibition in Amsterdam. Here is a cryptic clue Ann you have to guess this cryptic clue. “Fly me to the moon.” Yipeee.

  8. i think its fair to say ” the people have spoken ” or at least the majority on here have, great to see that common sense has prevailed.

  9. Will these ‘artists’ eventually be as honest as Pablo Picasso was on his deathbed, when he admitted that his ‘artwork’ was taking the piss out of people who were dumb enough to pay millions for his cubist rubbish? I’m paraphrasing of course.

  10. JOHN, your presumptions do no justice to your insecure self.
    Be brave,as yes knowledge is a wonderful thing. Albeit, hind insight may prove to be benificial too! Have a happy day!

    • diane – you have failed to address the issue.

      Is the ”C” word now acceptable to be used in art – and by extension – acceptable to be viewed in the pictures accompanying this press article ?

      • JOHN its strange of you to attempt to suggest ” diane-you have failed to address the issue”…….. JOHN, thats your issue! Why are you putting out on me with your issues? Surely you can get some support with that ? Be brave enough to face your issues! By far better to own your own issues that to accuse others of failing!

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