Garlinge Primary School achieves ‘The Wire’ Award

Maggie with pupils Bethan and Stella showing The Wire award

Garlinge Primary School and Nursery has been working hard over the last academic year to achieve ‘The Wire’ Award, which is an incentive created by Kent SACRE (Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education), with the hope of increasing enrichment opportunities linked to religious education for the pupils in schools across Kent.

To achieve the award, several year groups at Garlinge Primary School had educational visits or met with religious leaders within the local community to learn more about religions and world views.

The school also entered the ‘Spirited Arts’ competition, to show how religious education can be linked with art through thoughtful and purposeful creativity. This artwork was showcased around the school and images were shared on the school’s website.

To present The Wire award to Garlinge Primary School, Maggie Paddison-Chapman -a representative of Kent SACRE and of ACTS (Active Christianity in Thanet Schools) visited the pupils during their celebration assembly on Friday.

She said how lovely it was to see the pupils’ artwork on display around the school and spoke about how she enjoys interacting with the children as they take part in activities which ACTS Thanet provides for them.

Mr Shepherd, who organised the application for The Wire award, said: “Enrichment opportunities for our pupils are so important to help them with their learning and offers them valuable experiences. The pupils at Garlinge are completely deserving of this award.”

Garlinge Primary School and Nursery thanked Maggie, ACTS Thanet, and Kent SACRE for their support.