Story writing challenge at Priory Infant School

Story challenge at Priory Infants

Children at Priory Infant School celebrated National Story-Telling Week by writing their own ‘travelling story’.

English Lead, Miss Halford, said: “Children were given an exciting storytelling challenge: what happens to the troll at the end of The Three Billy Goats’ Gruff? Could they write a sequel to the story?”

A huge story book ‘travelled’ to each classroom to be filled with the children’s stories and drawings.

“The children had so much fun coming up with their stories,”  said head teacher Mrs Sandy. “I was so impressed with how enthusiastically they embraced this challenge.“

Some stories were funny and some were scary – in Year 2’s story the mean, green troll tricked Willy Wonker into believing the stream was chocolate caramel so he could gobble him up. Year 1’s story involved the troll falling into a magic porridge pot to be transformed into the terribly sticky Porridge Monster!

Miss Halford added: “We use Pie Corbett’s Talk for Write techniques to help children learn stories by heart. By the time our children leave Year 2 they have a bank of learned stories to draw on in their writing.

“Children love acting out stories and using actions to help them remember the words and the teachers see dramatic improvements in writing quality and stamina.”

At the end of the week all the stories were shared in a celebration assembly and each class awarded a new book to share at story time. The finished Travelling Story, complete with the children’s amazing illustrations, now takes pride of place in the school library.

Keaton in Reception summed it all up by saying: “I like it when we make up stories. I’m really good at stories now.”