Margate racing driver awarded third place trophy in Junior Saloon Car Championships

Harvey finished the season in third place

Teenage racing driver Harvey Dent, from Margate, has been awarded his third place trophy for the Junior Saloon Car Championships at a ceremony in Hampshire.

The 17-year-old took the position after a busy season last year which ended with final races at Brands Hatch.

The Chatham & Clarendon sixth-former went into the race in third and held onto the position despite being crashed into by the driver in the fourth spot.

Harvey was racing in a Citroen Saxo with Westbourne MotorSport. The points were accrued over the season from March to November with the racer amassing the most taking the top spot.

Harvey took third place but says he was disappointed with the crash.

He said: “I was eight points ahead of fourth but in the final race the person fighting for (that position) went into the back of me and we both crashed.

“I feel like I finished on a low so want to get back as soon as possible so I can prove that isn’t representative of myself. It isn’t how I wanted it to end so now I want to come back with a bang.”

The next races for Harvey will be at senior level and, apart from some one-offs this year, will not be until 2024 as the teen in concentrating on A Levels and then securing his place at university.

He said: “This year I’m focusing on A Levels, I’m in my final year doing Maths, Biology and Geography at Chatham and Clarendon. I want to get good grades and then hopefully get into university to do motor sport engineering.

“Hopefully this year I’ll do one-off race weekends and then I’ll be back in 2024 for the full racing season.”

Harvey already has offers from two universities and is also hoping to get some ‘hands-on’ summer work experience with Westbourne MotorSport.

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  1. Absolutely fantastic. Were it not for the crash he would have attained pole position.
    Thank you to his management sponsor Pro Environmental. I hope that they will be willing to sponsor Harvey his next season.
    Good luck with your “A” level exams and hopefully attaining a place at your chosen University.

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