Police investigating after vehicles vandalised in two Ramsgate roads

Kent Police (Image Thanet Police)

Police are investigating reports of vandalism to cars in two Ramsgate roads.

Windows were smashed and tyres let down on at least three vehicles in Victoria Parade and Winterstoke Crescent overnight on January. 28-29

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police is investigating reports that cars in Victoria Parade and Winterstoke Crescent were damaged between the evening of Saturday 28 January 2023 and the following afternoon.

“Anyone with information should call Kent Police on 01843 222289, quoting reference 46/18858/23.”


  1. these things will happen when theres no police presence on the streets ,( they use the plastic policemen as cheap labour). i hope the culprits are caught , but thats a long shot

  2. Ha ha! parking wars I bet… I think about doing the same to dfls who leave their car outside my house all week whilst i spend 30 min after a 12 hr day trying find a parking space. Ridiculous that TDC allow planning for more houses/flats in an already overpopulated 2 car+ families area. Where are the extra doctor/dentist/school/nursery and parking facilities for all these new houses being built?? The only thoughtful planning I’ve ever seen agreed by TDC is the ample parking for the newly developed old police station opposite the old fire station.

    • You don’t have any right at all to park outside your home. Not even if you are part of a neighbourhood parking scheme or a disabled driver.
      The problem isn’t lack of parking space. It’s too many cars. As you point out, some households have 2 or more cars, but only enough space to park 1.

  3. DFL ‘Parking Wars’ as WestCliffMoaner says – even with 50 parking bays available TDC will issue 300 parking permits for that area.

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