Funding on offer for Ramsgate High Street cultural programme

Ramsgate town

Grants are being offered to artists or art organisations and local groups as part of a programme aimed at bringing people into Ramsgate High Street.

As part of the Ramsgate High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ), the Ramsgate Cultural Consortium has been awarded funding for a 2023 Cultural Programme

The Ramsgate Cultural Consortium is a community-led group with a remit to plan activities to bring together people from across Ramsgate.

The funding on offer is for:

Public art and street signage project

Opportunity for a local artist or arts organisation to develop and deliver a permanent public art or creative street signs project along Ramsgate High Street.

Match funding will be available from the Ramsgate Cultural Programme to apply for project funding from the Arts Council.

The deadline to submit your expression of interest is Monday 20 February 2023.

Events funding 

£12,000 of funding has been allocated for local organisations to plan events that will increase visitors to Ramsgate High Street. Applications are invited for funding from £500 to £3,000.

The deadline for applications is Thursday 30 March.

Thanet council’s Events team must be notified in advance of any planned events. To check you meet the requirements before applying for funding find the necessary documentation on TDC’s website.

Details of how to register your interest, or make a funding application, can also be found on the website.

The High Streets Heritage Action Zone is part of a £95 million government-funded programme delivered by Historic England to unlock the potential of 68 high streets across the country.

The Ramsgate scheme runs southwards along the lower High Street from its junction with George Street to historic Harbour Street, which then leads to the town’s Royal Harbour.

Government funding of just under £602,000 was secured last year for the Ramsgate scheme.


  1. spot on peter , i wish i could have got in on this ” arts ” racket years ago , it beats work thats for sure

  2. i have just been thinking , do all these pr*ts covering ramsgate in grafitti qualify for a arts grant ? it would not surprise me

  3. Shouldn’t the money he better used to renovate the area ,instead of giving dodgey street artist a good pay day,just goes to show art comes first and foremost in this day and age,people can go hungry and get cold ,as long as art gets it’s pound of flesh,let these street artists put a bowl out for money ,let’s see how much they get ,not as much as a government,/local government grant ,I bet

  4. How about start with the basics, clean the streets, stop people letting there dogs crap everywhere, clean the public loos up and open the shut ones. Oh and stop the morons who ignore that the high street is is pedestrianised when the gate is closed. (it should be pedestrianised all the time, but that’s for another day)

    The problem is that this all means enforcing things, something the RTC and TDC seem unable to do. If you have wardens on food they will pay for themselves and teh place will transform within 6 months to a year.

  5. I’m no fan of the place and the Sam Smiths of this world, but that is a bit strong and uncalled for Cornnel.

    They should not get any funding though, stand on your own feet like every business should. Stop asking the public to bankroll your businesses.

  6. The high st is not pedestrianised It is “access only” it does not have a gate but Harbour st does. I happen to think any investment is better than none.

  7. It seems to me that this government only wants to look after the arty sector. Art seems to have an endless supply to our taxes.

    All different sectors of the public are on strike for better wages and working conditions. The government says it has no money to improve their working lives or our safety and wellbeing.

    Yet oh here’s another couple of million for some silly arty projects.

    I wonder how many billions have been given to the arty sector under the torie. Yet everything else is going under funded.

  8. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with art, but there is everything wrong with our local government and beyond to use artwashing to cover up their dereliction of duty in maintaining our local amenities which collectively we pay for! Street scene cleaning and maintenance, clean, working public toilets, our lift!

    • Hi

      Agree… Its a, fart on us to cover their f.. Ailings take away the f.. Art all the way.. Its not my culture.. Nor enticing

  9. My opinion is the area mentioned already has an outstanding cultural presence every day,every night although its rather slow at the Mo as some people who live on out high street street are elsewhere but still some living on the bank steps. Art (being temporary and maybe not needs to pay any business rates or any tax Could suck out any grant)

    Art is great but in the correct location !

    Thea area mentioned needs better consideration, its my opinion

  10. I see Checksfield’s crusaders are on the march again. What is silly art and what is ‘good art’? Anyone? So writing a number of books on the ephemeral world of pop music adds to the sum of all things, but producing a mural or piece of artwork which might criticise the status quo (not the pop band) is bad?
    Why not be a little more forgiving?
    The streets are swept and power washed from time to time, but your fellow citizens drop litter and fag ends, and funnily enough they do it in Broadstairs and Birchington too. Just how do you stop dogs cr***ing everywhere?
    If the council deploys Kingdom’s or some other Wagner style para military contractor, the backlash will be heard on the moon, and TDC will be called authoritarian, so they can’t win.
    I can see better ways of doing the housekeeping in a town, such as devolving the work and the funding to each town, and letting them get on with it, rather than having a centralised operation that has high central office costs and is always a target for cuts.
    A district has no care for its towns and reacts only when things only get so bad, that ‘something must be done’ or when trying to impress someone. Local councils are more responsive to local complaints.
    Art can move mountains and regenerate, as shown in places like Hebden Bridge and Whitstable, but I think the jury’s out on art museums and ‘official art’. The evidence on rate of return on those sort of funding applications is not robust, or at least I have not seen data that can irrefutably support the contention that funding art in a top down manner guarantees success.

      • You are a wag.Hebden Bridge is in the Calder valley, miles from Matlock which is in the peak district.
        What are proper shops? If anyone wanted to go to these proper shops they would go to Halifax which is a lot nearer.
        As always Checksfield you are talking bollocks out of sheer ignorance.By the way I have been to both places many times.For a really good bookshop I would recommend Scarthins at Cromford not far from Matlock and who knows they may have one of yours in stock.
        As for me you unpleasant individual I started out in heavy engineering not metal.I have worked continuously for 53 years and now I sort out organisations that need a helping hand

        • Oops… I’m confusing holidays. I have stayed in Matlock (and Matlock Bath), but I also stayed in Howarth. It is of course Keighley where all the shops are for those in Hebden Bridge.

          And… No wonder you’re so critical of my books. If only you’d had talent.

          • Just a different talent and I am not critical of your books just critical of those who disparage others who do not fit with their mind set.
            I think it’s great you write for a living.Pop is not a subject I know about but many do,just stop rubbishing artists because they may not fit your view of life.Not everyone is a died in the wool reactionary you know.

  11. I agree with peter.

    I have nothing against art as such. I just object to art getting its hands in out taxes.

    If the Turner centre is so confident of the work it does and the benefits its brings. Than why is the TC scared to stand on it’s own to feet ? Why does a successful art gallery need our taxes ?

    TC must have had over nearly 50 million since being built I would say the return to thanet has been piss poor

    Let the art sector stand on it’s own two feet like many other sectors. But our taxes towards NHS etc

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