More than 100 vehicles stopped during police traffic operation in Thanet

Thanet traffic operation Photo Kent Police

Uninsured cars were seized and drivers reported for a range of offences during a police traffic operation in Thanet.

Officers from the Kent Special Constabulary carried out the checks in Margate Road, Ramsgate and Manston Road, Manston on Saturday (January 28).

More than 100 vehicles were stopped and checked over by officers to ensure they were roadworthy and being driven in accordance with the law.

As part of the work, three uninsured cars were seized and 42 drivers were issued with traffic offence reports for offences including an unsecure dog, using a mobile phone at the wheel and illegal window tints and number plates.

A number of other drivers were given words of advice concerning the safety of their vehicles.

Inspector James Johnston of the Kent Special Constabulary said: ‘It is vital that every road user keeps their vehicle in a roadworthy, legal and safe condition. The consequences of not doing so can be devastating.

‘I am pleased that the vast majority of drivers we stopped recognised the importance of our work and that we have taken action where appropriate to keep the area’s roads safe’.

Special constables are volunteer police officers. To find out more about the role click here.


  1. its well overdue to prosecute these idiots with home made personal plates, the law is very clear on car registration plates but very little is ever done and , and these stupid registrations are everywhere you look on the roads

  2. Yet people that and prosecuted of serious offences and road crimes like the chap that hit the farm out wingham way don’t get custodial sentences.

    This is just another excuse to make money from fines.

    In all reality the roads are no safer.

    • Oh do give it a rest! The accident near Wingham went to court, what else do you expect the policeto do for heaven’s sake? It was the judge who handed out the sentence and he is in a totally different area of the judiciary system. I am well happy for the police, who were made up with many unpaid specials in this case, to be stopping those who are uninsured and the like. Ever been hit by an uninsured driver? Always something to moan about when it comes to the police eh? We’d all be the sorrier without them.

  3. A unsecure dog using a mobile phone! What were its owners thinking of? And more than 40% of those stopped were driving illegally!

    • Dogs should be banned from driving never mind banned from using their mobiles while driving.

      What next, vegetables of any/all description driving themselves to market?

      Where’s the Heartbeat Boobies (sic) when you need them

  4. re HA , if local shops are producing these illegal pates , they are also breaking the law by making them , the maker is required by law to put his name on the bottom of the plate. so they should be prosecuted as well

    • Said before it is a show plate ergo not road legal. Legal plate should have correct spacing, dealership name and postcode blah blah blah. Show plates are allowed. Just not for day to day driving. Basically you can own one and put it on your vehicle when you want to talk to people about how stupid your fridge door looks on your rear bumper when you are out camping

  5. A similar exercise should be organised to stop these illegal e scooters that pervade the Thanet streets.

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