Broadstairs Post Office at Paydens to shut in November

Broadstairs Post Office closure

Broadstairs Post Office- at Paydens Pharmacy on The Broadway – will shut from November due to the resignation of the operator.

The Post Office says the vacancy is being advertised in the hope that another local retailer will take the service on.

A Post Office spokesperson said:  “The operator for Broadstairs Post Office has resigned and there will not be Post Office services provided at the premises from November 2023.

“We know how important Post Office services are to a community and the vacancy is currently being advertised on  We would welcome interest from local retailers.”


  1. Could the Isle of Thanet News please let us know which post offices in Broadstairs , Ramsgate and Margate will remain open

    • There is one at the junction of Westover Road/Beacon Road in the Premier shop. There’s one in Londis at the bottom of the High Street and another at Dumpton Park opposite the Nissan garage.

      The issue is the postmaster/mistress no longer gets a salary but is paid commission. With benefits paid into bank accounts much of their regular business has gone.

      • Not so sure about that. I often wonder how WHSmith has survived when so many other chains have gone bust. They never seem particularly busy, even in places like Westwood Cross and Canterbury.

        • They get an incredible deal on rents & use minimal lighting to save on energy bills. Went to the Canterbury one a few years back & was shocked to see how far it had fallen from the 1990’s & 2000’s-even worse than the Margate one for books.

  2. I dare say the appalling treatment of Post Office staff as a consequence of the Horizon debacle has put more than one or two people off running a post office.

  3. The one in Smith’s in Margate is still open I am surprised paydens doing this they have already stopped patients taking their repeat prescriptions into the shops you have to go on line at the moment patients are suffering what’s next close their branches the one on Hawley street in Margate has hardly got anything on their shelves it wouldn’t surprise this has to stop this cutting back on shop premises in consequently job losses get on to your MPs

  4. With the closure of this pharmacy branch it is only to be expected as the Government are putting more and more Dr & NHS services onto them. More and more consultation and treatment rooms will be required for minor injuries and vaccinations etc.
    The issue is also is that if there is a post box at this pharmacy at present this will also close and be removed.
    The Paydens pharmacy in my town closed their Post Office. A new Post Office opened in a nearby convenience store. The owner refuses to accept letters unless stamps are purchased from him. Customers are TOLD to find the nearest Post Box. The only collection from this is at 09:00 which is not particularly helpful for local businesses.
    PS do not expect a smile and be prepared to wait as my own PO only has one point for service as does the next nearest PO to this – again in a convenience store.

      • Several people have made official complaints which have gone over Post Office and RM heads. It is very difficult I am led to believe to find suitable premises and shopkeepers willing to take on this service. Those that do hope that it brings in more customers for other items. In reality this is not the case.

  5. I used this PO years ago when I lived in Broadstairs, along with many other pensioners who will be in deep doo doo if this one closes! Many older people do not have computer/keyboard skills, so can’t go online, or transport to go elsewhere! Well, thats what you get when you vote Tory, unless a service pays, it won’t exist!

  6. Always found the Paydens Post Office slow and decidedly rude.

    You wait in line a good 3 metres from the counter until the staff finish their chat with a friend/friends (sometimes both counters indulging in the one conversation)

    Any sign of annoyance over the prolonged wait because of the chit-chat gets you a begrudged service.

    “But this is some peoples only chat of the day blah blah blah”)

    I won’t mourn its passing.

    And yes…I do use another PO now, a more efficient one with alert staff. Thank you very much.

  7. Some charity shops will take any old dross.

    Not suggesting your blocks busters are that of course.

    Even so, I’ll look for your signed dontated books on the 5 for a £1 shelf.

    I once found a self-help book on there “How to over-hype yourself” by the author I Mabraggart

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