‘Try a little Tenderness’ exhibition at Margate’s Liminal Gallery

Try a little Tenderness Damien Flood Grinner Brother

An exhibition exploring the themes of tenderness will open at Liminal Gallery in Margate.

‘Try a little Tenderness’ brings together the works of three artists whose practice is unified in the attempt to capture fleeting moments.

Ingrid Berthon-Moine’s multidisciplinary work explores the human experience in all its humour, beauty, fleshiness and rawness. Using simplified forms, Berthon-Moine hints at notions of sexuality, life and death, often with a playfulness which encourages the sensation of touch and tactileness.

Ingrid Berthon Moine Hem-and-Hirs

Flora Bradwell’s practice revels in the grotesque. Spanning painting, soft sculpture, installation and performance, Bradwell takes the bodily form and mutates it into giant proportions. Colourful and comforting yet alien, questioning notions of home, care and our relationship with our own bodies.

Flora Bradwell Strawberry Knee

Damien Flood’s work spans painting and sculpture and is recognisably traditional but steeped in modern principles.

Damien Flood Cornucopia

All are welcome to join the opening of ‘Try a little…Tenderness’ on Saturday 4th February 5pm-8pm. The event is sponsored by Old Dairy Brewery. The exhibition runs until February 23.

Liminal Gallery, 34 Fort Hill, Margate.



    • Anything is these days. Amazed somebody hasn’t put a flag in a dog turd, took a photo & sold it for a million quid.

      • Well done Steve. You understand that anything can be art, as art is entirely SUBJECTIVE to the person viewing it. It’s meant to provoke a reaction in you, which it has. Ergo, it’s good art objectively, even if you subjectively disagree with it being “good”.

        • No, i understand that is the cop-out/mental gymnastics for zero talents & pretentious modern art twots trying to justify dirty beds & suchlike. By this logic you can run around stabbing people & call it art instead of murder.

    • More pretentious nonsense.

      String a new disjointed words together that have little meaning or relevance to describe some primitive, talentless, self-indulgent ”artwork” and hey presto – you get some funding from somewhere.

      How does ”Try a little tenderness” relate in any way to the grinning, alien, monster thing ? ? ?

  1. Brilliant bold, brave and courageous art work.

    You can tell two of the pieces are to a large extent autobiographical and that’s so brave.

    We are lucky to have such art locally. Keep it up.

  2. How much shall we bet that the miserable and rude philistines writing above believe “art” is reproduction prints and a kitchen full of printed slogans from The Range?

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