New Year fireworks display in Ramsgate cancelled

Ramsgate fireworks 2020 Photo by Malcolm Kirkaldie

A New Year’s fireworks display in Ramsgate has been cancelled due to  rain and high winds.

Ramsgate Town Council had organised for the display to take place at the port at midnight but says the plan is now to reschedule to January if possible.

A statement says: “Following discussions with Viking Fireworks Ltd, we are sorry to report that the display scheduled for midnight tonight is now cancelled due to rain and high winds. We will look to reschedule in January if we can but in the meantime, take care out there tonight.”


  1. I thought it might be, all those people , not a toilet in site no buses and no safe place to walk posted yet.

    Eric the council and others who have raised the funds will be celebrating they have to spend it on a good cause.

    • What are you talking about? ” …not a toilet in site no buses and no safe place to walk ”
      In previous years there were no public toilets available at midnight, nor public transport. It didn’tput people off. And as for “safe place to walk” .. well, any of the places where 1000s of people walk every day would do.

  2. Apart from being too dangerous with high winds possibly most people will stay away if it raining where as a dry eve in January will bring people in & spend some money even if only on a coffee it will all help

  3. quite right they have a plan to waste more money – surprise surprise even that wont happen , good old ramsgate it never changes , well not for the better anyway

  4. Miserable old crusties! toilets are available in all the local pubs and there are countless safe spaces to view the fireworks.
    If TDC were not so awkward the fireworks could be fired from the eastern pier as was the practice before 2018.Its often like this on new years,wind and rain and then it calms down for a couple of hours, enough time to have a fireworks display.
    Really you are dreadful old curmudgeons who will moan and mutter into 2023 and beyond.
    If not January it can be left till the coronation,the fireworks will last till then.

  5. Mr Ge zer down in a local watering establishment reckons there was objection from the long tern harbour residents. Yes by the extended family which were invited to stay there. that have to live there until tdc sort out permanent sites.

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