Youngster taken to hospital after being hit by car in Broadstairs

South East Coast Ambulance Service (image Secamb)

A youngster was taken to hospital yesterday (December 28) after being hit by a vehicle in Broadstairs.

The collision took place on Westwood Road, between Asda and the Dane Court roundabout, at around 2pm.

Paramedics checked the youngster over and took them to hospital. Injuries are understood not to be serious.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 2pm on Wednesday 28 December to a collision in Westwood Road, Broadstairs. The collision involved a car and a child.

Officers and ambulance crews attended and the child was taken to hospital. The injuries were not believed to be serious.


  1. Them?! I have always understood that the word signified a plural. Only one child was taken to hospital. Oh, of course, I forgot we are living in a lunatic world controlled by the forces of wokeism.

        • Next time you deal with a call centre, ask for the notes taken by the handler to be read back to you.
          You’ll be referred to in the notes as , them , they or account holder , by most corporate systems.
          And they get very disgruntled if you ask for it to be changed to your preferred pronouns ( forgive me if i’ve got that wrong english was never my strongest suit) when they do , just point out that you weren’t offered the courtesy of how you’d like to be referred to and feel,you’ve been “labelled”. Gets their politically correct elastic in a twist.

  2. Or, perhaps, as there is no gender specified in the article – possibly because this information was not shared by the police as a child is involved and their gender bares little significance to the report itself (the issue here being a child was hit by a car) – then ‘them’ would be entirely appropriate. What isn’t appropriate is for grumpy trolls to use this as a springboard for their own prejudices and ‘distaste’. Whilst you were busy looking at pronouns you obviously missed the point – a child was hit by a car. Let’s just think about that for a second… A CHILD WAS HIT BY A CAR and all you can say is ‘them is wokeism gone mad’. Fortunately the child is okay. I think the well being of the child is MORE important than your concerns over the child’s gender.

    • How on earth did you come up with the nonsensical slur that I was more concerned with a grammatical issue than with the fact a child was injured in a road accident? As a father and grandfather I take great exception to such an unwarranted attack on my integrity.

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