New Year’s fireworks event in Ramsgate

Ramsgate fireworks 2020 Photo by Malcolm Kirkaldie

Update: This event has been cancelled

The New Year will be welcomed in with a firework display in Ramsgate.

This year the display will be at Ramsgate Port on the stroke of midnight, ringing in 2023.

The best views are from the Paragon and along the West Cliff.

The event is organised by Ramsgate Town Council.

New Year fireworks display in Ramsgate cancelled


  1. Well at lease this little bit of expense has not gone towards a JR. This display will brighten up the whole of Ramsgate residents spirits we hope.

    • A Judicial Review challenges the legality of a decision made by a governmental body. Jenny Dawes JR was successful- the SoS withdrew.
      Surely, no one wants an illegal operation on their doorstep?

  2. The town dies while the harbour area thrives. How wonderful. I note that Thanet has t one of the highest revenues in Kent from Parking Offences which has possibly helped Ramsgate town become a no go place. Congratulations 🤭

    • Since when have there ever been buses at midnight, other than London and one or two major cities?
      The Harbour is within easy walking distance of anywhere in Ramsgate. Why would you need a bus?

  3. Well I got fined for parking in empty plot in Ramsgate town £1 was only parked for two mins to pop in the bank how much is that an hour. Could have used a pee but that was boarded up , no room in the alley as people with cans .

    Hope all goes well for the fireworks but the weather showing cold so don’t get cut short or take a bucket.

    • That is 100% correct Paul. Ramsgate town has gone from biggest and best town in Thanet to the bottom of the pile. The reason is plain and clear; hostile to drivers, unwelcoming to shoppers, if you risk taking a shop you are a hero as footfall( customers ) is next to zero. Perhaps dear Phyllis Q has an eye sight defect or rose tinted glasses .

      • Now now Concerned she lives in Wellington Cres and has her shopping delivered , bit deaf I been told she not here the blues and twos.

        • I am sure from Wellington Crescent Phyllis will have an excellent view of the fireworks which is great but I feel sorry for her as the eyesore Catherine Wheels on stilts that have been loving placed by the bandstand has to be tolerated every time the poor lady looks out of her window or ventures out of her residence. Maybe that would account for her needing rose tinted specs 😊

      • Hostile to drivers??? Some of the drivers treat the town as a race track and make it hostile, if not life threatening, to pedestrians. Through the eyes of a cyclist or pedestrian, the drivers are the villains not the victims.

  4. Wasting money on fireworks 💥? Could do with the money tidying the crap hole up rubbish graffiti etc, at least the travellers living at the port have got entertainments for the night

  5. interested to know how many of the comments have come from people who were born in the town ? This was a great place to grow up , amusements all along the sea front ,lights in the fountain and along the promenades east and west cliff . lifts working , swimming pool . now everything is gone. and the council just don’t seem to care. it was a seaside town now all that’s left is the sea and sand (even that is shrinking}

    • I certainly was born in Ramsgate and have never lived anywhere else ; 77 years ago ; thus dear Barbara you will understand why I am appalled at the lack of investment and pure neglect from our esteemed Councillors – TDC – Ramsgate Town Council, that has seen the demise of a busy popular town and seafront over the past 60 plus years. No vision, no common sense, equals no hope sadly 😢😢😢

    • Barbra I was born here and the state of it now says in all. No pool , sun trap, Neros, amusements all the way along, nice little pub where one could sit outside and gaze the sea, the cafes , merrie england plus all the rides and little market units, the pubs , I not to well in those as refused a drink if they thought id had enough. Well that’s changed , have as many as you like its more money in the till. No problem if you cause trouble on way home, we ring pc plod its his problem oh and get that car off our drive we need it for another.

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