Margate entrepreneur opens the doors of glitzy new Ramsgate cocktail bar Ronnies

Charlotte has opened new venture Ronnies tonight

The doors of a glitzy new cocktail bar have opened in Ramsgate tonight (December 24).

Ronnies is the latest venture for businesswoman Charlotte Silver, who also runs Silvers in Margate which houses a bar and events space upstairs and her dance school downstairs.

The entrepreneur has named the Ramsgate bar in honour of her grandad, Ronnie.

Charlotte’s grandad ‘Popsy’, brought her up but sadly passed away when she was 13.  He had inspired and encouraged her to dance from her first lessons at the age of 3.

At 18 she inherited money and invested it by opening Silver Slipper dance school.

A talented dancer herself, when she was 16 Charlotte was chosen by Jennifer Ellison for a scholarship in her performing arts school in Liverpool.

Sadly for Charlotte a back injury ended her dancing career and meant she had to undertake gruelling operations to remove fluid from her spine.

Instead she turned her attention to business and her ventures, which have a sparkly trademark theme, have grown in success.

Ronnie’s is based at the former Café Roma part of The Oak Hotel on Ramsgate harbour. Thorley Taverns completed the sale of the freehold of the site to isle businessman Dayne Gooding in October.

It is being marketed by Miles & Bar as separate units, including the hotel and former Restaurant 66.

Charlotte said: “Ronnie’s is mainly about the cocktails although at the end of January we plan to do tea/coffee and snacks during the day.

“In the summer, it will be the perfect location outside for a drink in the sun overlooking the harbour.

“Ronnie’s is a sit down, chill out bar and we will work together with all the bars that are here already. With the site being marketed as five units it gives businesses a real opportunity.”

Charlotte has taken on three staff for the venture.

The 24-year-old is supported by husband Jack. The pair organised this year’s Christmas tree and light switch on event in Margate.

Find Ronnies on facebook here

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  1. Hopefully Manston airport won’t re-open, because its directly under the flight path as dirty old cargo planes will pass overhead at less than 300 meters high! I think thats why Thorley is selling up in Ramsgate, as low flying aircraft, 2 or more an hour, will destroy much of Ramsgate hospitality trade, and devalue property!

      • The aircraft will fly directly above the bar, Duuurh! If you can hear a 4 engine jet 5 miles high from the ground, then its deafening at 300 meters! I witnessed this in Ramsgate High street routinely when Manston was used as a practice landing and take off for pilots, on Saturday mornings a few years back. It was known as tip and run I believe. It made shoppers scream in fear, as the aircraft approached over the harbour unseen until the last minute! I was carrying out a street collection for an animal charity at the time, every Saturday morning, and saw people nearly having a heart attack as the planes passed overhead!

          • You had to be there Peter, and I wish you were, then you too would understand what a 4 engine cargo jet aircraft sounds like at less than 300 meters high! You are old enough to know who invented the “Bouncing Bomb” that famously destroyed German dams during the war. Yes, Barnes Wallis, “a leading designer, engineer, and authority on high explosives, acoustics, and how noise works”.

            “He publicly stated after the war regular jet flights over Ramsgate would shake 18th, and 19th century structures to pieces! “After he died in 1979 a government enquiry confirmed exactly what Wallis had said. The runway is too close to the town” Thank you Ramsgate Matters, and The Ramsgate Society for this invaluable information!

          • PS. Peter, at no time was Manston used for upwards of two aircraft an hour flying in over Ramsgate Harbour! The last lot only had 4 planes, and when they went bust they were stuck overseas! I remember seeing the Manston car park full of cars for nearly 3 weeks, as the stranded passengers tried to get back home!

  2. wish Charlotte and her business pal’s, all the best. There is a sea of changes around that area, airport or no airport. Thorley is selling up in Ramsgate, just a good business idea as pub custom has changed.
    Have heard the latest chit chat about manston reopening the current JR will not be entertained, something to do with the local need for aviation cargo&passenger in ten years going forward not 2 years going backward.

    In the last 3 years,The world of aviation has significantly changed. cargo is needed as we dont make or produce stuff we need on a daily basis and the ever increasing growth of housing in east kent Them people want to use a local airport for their business trips, holidays in the sun or just fun in europe.
    Plenty of locost airlines doing W route pattern (ask google), without the need to base aircraft where they dont need to.

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