Sadness as popular The Sage Cafe in Ramsgate ceases trade

Jayne at The Sage Cafe

A popular café in Ramsgate has ceased trading this week after issues with the roof impacted business.

The Sage Café in Broad Street, at the former Coles site, opened for trade in March 2020, just before the covid restrictions began.

Owner Jayne Olive managed to keep the café afloat despite the many challenges during the pandemic but sadly her concerns for health and safety and the negative impact the building issue was having on her ability to trade prompted the decision to shut the doors of the venue for good.

Jayne, 59, opened the café after 13 years out of the workplace due to being a carer for her brother David. She had previously studied catering at Canterbury College and worked shifts at various other cafes.

The Sage Café had gained regular custom for its menu of breakfasts, light bites and afternoon teas with vegetarian options included.

She said: “I’m upset. The issue with the roof impacted on trading. This was the first full year of trading since the lock downs. It’s been bumpy, like it has for all hospitality, but it was picking up. People knew I was there and what food I was offering.

“I’m so sad as I loved it there and all the nearby traders were so supportive and I am really grateful for that. I loved every minute of it.”

Jayne has also thanked staff and ‘wonderful’ customers. She says she needs to think about her long term future after the closure has meant the loss of a substantial sum of money.

In the short term she will be working at Ramsgate’s Boating Pool café from January.

The Sage Café facebook page will remain open so Jayne can share any reopening news


    • Sad news indeed and through no fault of the business itself. I wonder whether the freeholder has ambitions of demolishing this single storey building and turning it into a multi-storey block of flats.

  1. One less cafe in Ramsgate won’t make any difference. It was too small anyway, and didn’t serve a healthy option dinner!

  2. I am very comfortably off thank you Fed Up, and don’t receive any Benefits! What are you so Fed Up about? Probably Peter Checksfield’s puerile comments, I know I am! I don’t have any mental health training, but its been my opinion over many years of observation, that people of right wing persuasion like Checksfield, are usually rather timid, pathetic people, suffering from being anally retentive! They cover this up by bullying, or in extreme cases racism. People who are prone to conserv, as in Conservatives, or Retards as I prefer to call them, tend also to be very selfish, and are only interested in themselves, and not the greater good. I am fortunate, and usually donate somewhere between £200 to £300 to mainly refugee, and animal charities each month. More if I have any funds left over after paying my Bills. This is my Christian duty, pick the bones out of that!

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