Developer appeal over council refusal for 74-home plan on agricultural land off Reading Street Road

The site off Convent Road/ Reading Street Road

An application to build 74 homes on land off Reading Street Road which was refused by Thanet council has gone to appeal.

Residents have until January 16 to submit their views on the proposal to build on 5.06 hectares of agricultural land between Broadstairs and St Peter’s. The site is within a designated ‘green wedge.’

Prospective developer Land Allocation Ltd has appealed to the Secretary of State to overturn Thanet council’s decision to reject the plan.

The Planning Inspectorate will now determine the appeal.

The proposal provoked more than 140 objections with campaigners saying the development would put pressure on local infrastructure and especially on highways.

Among reasons for refusal was the loss of best and most versatile agricultural land.

In appeal documents on behalf of Land Allocation Ltd it says: “The vast majority of land within the district falls within this category, and therefore, there are no sequentially preferable sites. “Furthermore, the loss of approximately 5 hectares of agricultural land is not considered significant, particularly as the wider field measures approximately 20 hectares. Although the site area measure 5.06 hectares, 2.45 (nearly 50%) will be open space.”

Thanet council also refused on the basis of the applicant failing to enter into a legal agreement to secure affordable housing.

The appeal document says: “The appellant does not contest the requirement to provide for essential infrastructure, services and amenities and their subsequent management, which can be secured by a Unilateral Undertaking.” The document says up to 22 dwellings would be affordable.

Land Allocation Ltd also dispute refusal on the grounds of development and impact on the Green Wedge, saying the policy is out of date due to the council’s lack of a five-year housing land supply.

Representations can be made on the Planning Inspectorate site, appeal case reference 3304235, at:


  1. Ah, yes, the applicant who wanted parking restrictions on Beacon Road for 100 metres so those who have on site parking, if the development goes ahead, could turn into Beacon Road without the inconvenience of parked cars belonging to those without off-street parking!

    Furthermore, according to the appeal documents there are bus stops adjacent to the site, true, but there are no daytime buses except on Sundays so that’s hardly a valid argument in support of the appeal being upheld.

    The documents also say that Thanet doesn’t have a five year supply of housing but hasn’t Michael Gove backtracked on that provided there is a valid Local Plan in situ?

  2. More green land going to be built on? “There is enough for the world’s need, but not enough for one man’s greed” – Mahatma Gandhi.

        • Oh yes, your referring to people who buy 2nd homes aren’t you Claude! Yes, I agree its a national disgrace that wealthy people are buying up mostly coastal 2nd homes, displacing the local youngsters, who have to move away. Then there is the increase of BNB……

  3. So 52 unaffordable houses on the back of a recession,who in there right mind would take a risky mortgage in these uncertain time of global war.The last time a building boom of scale was after the war ,not before it. This development will impact local enjoyment of this area restricting this already land locked corner of England .Historically there has been a Green wedge of this site to deter like minded developers so no one should try to circumnavigate this status. So round two to appeal stage just before Christmas just to pi—us off,keep to your guns TDC

  4. This housing renaissance is going on in every village and town because the crazy politicians and civil service have flooded UK with far to many people, our small island is under threat. If we use all our green belt and farmland where would we grow food in an emergency? You can’t reverse this once it’s gone .

  5. Get of your soap boxes and do something useylike sending your objections to the Inspector – the article has details of how to do it and provides a wide selection of grounds – ‘I don’t like it ‘ won’t wash!

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