Properties without water due to ‘significant burst’ at Rumfields

Southern Water at the Rumfields burst Photo Neal Parton

Properties in Broadstairs, Manston, Margate and Ramsgate -post codes  CT9, CT10, CT11 and CT12 are without water due to a ‘significant’ burst at the Rumfields water tower, causing levels to fall and a loss of supply to some areas.

A  Southern Water spokesperson said: We’re working as hard as we can to resolve the problems affecting water supplies in the areas of Broadstairs, Ramsgate, Margate and Manston. This has been caused by a significant burst at our Rumfields Reservoir which supplies water to the households in the area. 

Our teams are at the site now and will be working as quickly as possible to make repairs. 

“Bottled water is being delivered to vulnerable customers on our Priority Services Register. We would encourage anyone in need of help who is not already signed up, to call us now on 0800 027 0800.  

“We’re preparing bottled water collection points and will let customers know as soon as they are open. We’re also working with emergency services and other partners to support critical infrastructure including care homes with deliveries from our fleet of water tankers. 

“We do not know yet when customers can expect their water supply to return, but we will keep people up to date with progress as we have it.  We are very sorry for the inconvenience and disruption caused. Please keep checking our social media channels and web page for updates. 

Register for priority services here


A bottled water station has been set up by Southern Water at Dane Court Grammar School car park and will be open until 9pm, reopening at 8am tomorrow if necessary.

A second site will be open very soon.

If you require access to bottled water as a priority, you can sign up to the Priority Services Register and to be added to the list of emergency deliveries. Call 0800 027 0800. 

11.45am: Southern Water says: “We are working as hard as we can to fix this issue, by excavating the site in question. We understand how inconvenient and upsetting it can be to be without water. Unfortunately, we cannot yet say when supplies will return to normal.

“We have already been delivering bottled water to households on our Priority Services Register, and plan to soon announce the locations for bottled water stations for the wider community. We will let you know as soon as they are open.

“We’re also working with emergency services and other partners to support critical infrastructure including care homes and GP surgeries with deliveries from our fleet of water tankers.”


  1. Is the QEQM running out of water for its patients etc.? Are arrangements been made for the Manston internment camp, and the travellers at Ramsgate Harbour?

  2. When will our local MPs think that the issue of renationalising water should be discussed and why is the Labour Party virtually silent about the profits being made without dealing with the problems of the customers?

  3. I don’t recall ever reading anything from the busy beavers at the TDC, regarding the issue of increased house supply and the inadequate, outdated and perpetually underdeveloped water and sewage system(s) in Thanet. I think ‘ they’ are ignoring the issues surrounding the looming future troubles concerning water use problems. My guess is the TDC, figure the crisis point won’t hit for a decade or two, and our present day key decision makers will be long gone from the scene, and really don’t give a toss about the long term implications of uncontrolled house building in the area coupled with an archaic water supply infrastructure. Don’t expect Southern Water, in all their gloried privatised wonder to go that extra mile to fully update our Victorian water supply infrastructure. Greed Uber Alles.

  4. serious questions are being raised and remain unanswered? Have our political representatives totally abandoned all hope ? or are they simply embedded for their holidays?

  5. I think there exists a shoulder shrugging indifference to the water supply issue in Thanet. The TDC have allowed developers to build thousands of homes, due to national mandates and those dreaded algorithms; Southern Water won’t spend any more than absolutely necessary to update the water/ sewage infrastructure, as it will limit shareholder gains. Plus, I believe, Southern Water, believes the various levels of government should be financially responsible for the required mammoth infrastructure upgrades. Private companies of this ilk love raking in exorbitant profits and eye popping shareholder dividends, but turn Scrooge like if they have to spend a penny more than they think is necessary on improving the overall performance of the water and sewage infrastructure.

  6. The government should be saying and doing stuff.

    Not “main political parties” the country is and has been left with low and no regulations. Profit over everything and the other parties challenged this. Heavily. The people voted for this.

    • When you ring the quoted 0800 number you just get a looped message about experiencing a heavy volume of calls – no s**t Sherlock! These characters don’t care and try to fob everyone off with reference to a rather poor website. After all these systemic failures, a few incarcerations would be good – and no profits or dividends to be pain until the breakdowns and sea sewage is dealt with!

  7. how about an update from Southern Water ? – it is atleast 8 hours since the leak was noticed in St Peters!

  8. Yes and the overflowing water cant even be caught in the local drains as most of them are silted up.Silted up because our local council doesnt sweep the roads and Kent CC doesnt bother unblocking them.You Tories are finished.Years of gross neglect.

  9. Top shelf tina, in the pub reckons it a an exercise to demonstrate our isle can cope with a flood.
    Something about those global climate warming wallies warriors saying will be flooded for ever but they have not calculated nowt
    Not going to argue with tina, will only get two barrels in my face umm

    Thnak yiu sw, so enjoyed our early Christmas works d oo. same time tomorrow in a different area !

  10. no update since 11.45 and still no response from our MPs, KCC councillors and TDC councillors. Have the latter forgotten that we have an election in May?

  11. Thanet residents should be bombarding REBECCA POW, the minister responsible for floods, Water, resources, waste and environmemtal management. She is the MP for Taunton Deane in Somerset, an inland constituency , but has a Kentish coonection as she studied at Wye College in the Stour valley

  12. Ms Pow should live up to her name and stand up in parliament against the lazy thieving folk in charge of Southern Water and its equivalents throughout the country – and so should the other parties. Renationalisation is a must

  13. The Statler and Waldorf award for the achingly predictable commenters 2022 on Isle of Thanet news stories goes to:-

    Peter Checksfield

    Congratulations Peter for being Thanet’s top notch troll!

  14. There has been no water for more than 24 hours, so let’s try to get compensation for that. It is impossible to reach the given number, and the elderly and sick cannot reach the water intake point! On Roman Road, no one was interested and did not share the film with the elderly! It’s disregarding people!!

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