Margate flats auctioned by Kent County Council fetch £488k

Thanet Lodge

A detached block for four flats in Margate which was owned by Kent County Council has sold at auction for £488,000, well above the guide price.

Thanet Lodge at 54 Victoria Road was among 139 lots listed for sale by Clive Emson, the land and property auctioneers.

The freehold guide price was £275,000-plus and keen bidding saw the price rise at the online auction.

Kevin Gilbert, auctioneer, said: “This property proved popular, partly because of its location which is just a short walk from the old town with Turner Contemporary gallery.”

Earlier this month Thanet council housing boss Bob Porter said the sale of isle homes by other public sector bodies without conversation with TDC was “disappointing.”

KCC  also owns homes  in Surrey Road, Norfolk Road, Edgar Road Dalby Square, Nautical Mews and Park Crescent Road.


  1. KCC are trying to balance the books, Rather like TDC they are having to sell off the assets which in effect belong to the ratepayers of Kent.

  2. Disgusting selling of property’s when you should be housing people in them on the waiting list for years. Or maybe move good people out of these run-down tower blocks leave them to the people that like the anti social behaviour and drama That goes on in them. People deserve to live in peace.

  3. Part of the old deaf school, which goes to show that housing is going to be on th site ,a new school a smoke screen by KCC,housing was always the way the moment Rsdc Closed,because of idiot staff there

  4. Taxpayers property should not be sold off it’s not the KCCs or TDCs
    Or wicked Thatcher’s to sell off to buy votes. Conservatives ruined this country by deceit and lies. Bill

  5. A perfect opportunity for TDC to have bought 4 flats for a sensible sum , spend another 30k on each to do them up and you have 4 new homes quickly.

  6. Agree Lc , They could have housed some of our homeless people.
    No its tdc there’s a couple of garages we own pull them down we get two houses on that land.

  7. Local district councils should have first option on Kent county council surplus housing stock not sold to property speculators

    • Does KCC not have a duty to achieve best price for assets it sells off? TDC could have bought these at auction put a bit more into them and had them ready for occupation by the end of march easily. Probably about the most cost effective and fastest way of providing new council homes, but they did’nt.
      So you can only assume the property was not deemed suitable. There was also the property behind it facing dane park innthe same auction.

  8. who in thier right mind would want a property because its a short walk fron the turner centre ? , i think the housing situation in thanet is a bit more serious than that ! but then any excuse to mention that eyesore

  9. What a comment on our democracy. We vote for a body that runs our County and its facilities.
    But then that very body sells off the properties so that there is no more democratic control over them.
    Property developers don’t have to stand for election. They just make their own decisions , in their own interests.
    Eventually, we will have tremendously hard-fought elections between two major Parties , neither of which will have much to really do once in power because the country will be completely privately-owned.
    But I bet the two Parties will shout and scream that this is a “make-or-break” election, “your future is at stake” etc. But the whole country will actually be run by financiers and bankers who have finally purchased it all on the cheap.
    We won’t even know their names but ,instead, we will have endless arguments about whether Boris Johnson is totally corrupt or whether Kier Starmer is a boring control-freak. But it won’t make a blind bit of difference. Neither will actually have any real power.

  10. Well here they go thanet council. Can find time to sell off council property.find money to give to this little lefty snowflake who wants to stop manston reopening ad a viable job producing airport.council can see homeless on the streets step over them in doorways but can allow perfectly good homes be sold to the highest bidder.the council are not fit for purpose.closet conservatives all of them money grabbing scum.have a nice Christmas and don’t give a sod about those poor homeless sods on the streets you should be ashamed of yourselves

  11. The problem is not enough people care about those on need.As long as they are doing okay.Thats the reason the conservatives are the dominant party.The vast majority of people in England are working class and yet Labour have only been in power for11years out of the last 43 years.staggering really

    • Because they bought the site stating ,they were going to build a new school on it,never did houses all the way

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