Nitesh Bissendary sentenced to 16 years for killing father and pregnant daughter after crashing into family in Ramsgate

Nitesh Bissendary, sentenced to 16 years

A Manston drug–driver has been sentenced to 16 years for causing the deaths of a pregnant woman and her father when he hit a family of five with his car in Ramsgate,

Nitesh Bissendary, 31, of Highlands Glade, Manston killed Yoram Hirshfield, 81, and his daughter Noga Sella, 37, when he mounted the pavement and crashed into them in Leopold Street on the evening of Wednesday 10 August. Noga’s husband Omer suffered internal organ damage and their five-year-old daughter suffered serious head injury. Their son was also injured in the incident.

Bissendary had travelled around 30 metres on the pavement before colliding with the family  and then fled the scene immediately afterwards.

Bissendary admitted causing death by careless driving but denied the more serious offence of causing death by dangerous driving, in addition to causing serious injury by dangerous driving. He was convicted following a trial at Canterbury Crown Court and sentenced today (December 8)

 In addition to his custodial sentence Bissendary will also be disqualified from driving for 10 years following his release.

Noga was a Consultant Physicist living in Cambridge with Omer and their children. Her father Yoram lived in Israel and was in the UK to visit his family. Noga was five weeks pregnant when she was killed in the collision.

The court heard how Bissendary returned to the scene of the incident after initially fleeing on foot, failing a roadside drug test that indicated traces of cocaine. However he refused to give a follow-up blood test following arrest. Bissendary claimed to have a vehicle defect which he was trying to rectify, causing him to take his eyes off the road moments before the collision.

Detective Inspector Lynn Wilczek of Kent Police’s Serious Collision Investigation Unit said: “There are few things in life as painful as the loss of a loved one, especially when such a loss comes without warning and as the result of someone else’s irresponsible behaviour. To lose two people at the same time is unimaginable.

“From the moment he took cocaine before getting behind the wheel of his car, the actions of Nitesh Bissendary have been nothing short of disgraceful. He has refused to take full responsibility for a tragic incident that was completely avoidable and entirely of his making, going so far as to run away whilst his victims lay injured and dying. Denying his actions were dangerous only caused more pain for the family as they were forced to relive the terrible events of that night during his trial.

Tributes left at the scene of the collision in Leopold Street

“I am pleased the jury saw fit to convict Bissendary for his crimes and that he will now serve a significant period of time behind bars where he belongs.

“This case should serve as a stark reminder to all motorists of the dangers of drug-driving and why we do not hesitate to take action against anyone who is found to be under the influence. Such selfish actions really do put lives at risk.”

Bissendary also pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm, failing to provide a sample for analysis and possession with intent to supply cocaine.


  1. Next time I see this scums name I’m hoping it involves him getting a beating/death.

    Lowest of the lowest pondlife.

    • He is and always be a wrong,un and was protected by other legacy local wrong,uns.

      Police have his phone, hopefully all his phones and computer So its possible to id his customers.

      No customers=no dealing !

  2. Is that a minimum of 16 years, or the total before it’s halved and paroled ?
    I hope his parents get locked up too, for lying for him ….

  3. He should have received two life sentences,for murder ,because knowingly took drugs and drove a car,the rest of the family should receive long sentences for helping him ,wriggle out of it

  4. The piece of sh!t should have got minimum of 25 years with no parole.

    His family are just as bad, lying for him, so there fore they actively supported and knew about his drug dealing and scummy ways, they should get 10 years a piece. All the families asset’s should be siezed until they can prove where all the money came from.

    Finally his parents if not born here should be deported after they have served there sentences.

    You have to be hard on people to prove a point!

  5. Think he will be out in 6 years, and deported to where he came from it could be some other uk area but send him away from thanet. He has family local, they could consider relocation.

    Not welcome in thanet, flip ing neighbours from the slum.

  6. It’s a ridiculously to low sentence but does not supprise me, a father a mother and an unborn baby just over 5 years for each of them or 2.5 years each one total 7.5 years and released most likely. A daughter and a father/ husband left to grieve and not knowing either the birth of a second child or the daughter not having or knowing what it is like to have a brother or sister all taken away by a drunken drugged up drug pushing car driver who claims he didn’t know he had hit anyone as my clutch had gone no I don’t by that he should never have sat behind the wheel of the car in the state he was in, the trouble is sentence has to be in line with the recommended sentences laid out by government’s they need looking at and adjusting to suit the crime, they are outdated and not really fit for purpose in this crime double the length of sentence may not be enough for all, he should a sentence of at his Majesty’s pleasure with a minimum of 40 years and a retest before being allowed to drive, that is I believe a fairer sentence altogether, but the real saddest part of this nothing will ever bring back the family they’ve loved and lost from the rest of their lives.

  7. The way I see it,this sentencing is an absolute joke and the judge who thinks its fitting should think about a career change. 3 lives taken, could have been 6. In total 6 lives destroyed excluding the extended family of the victims. Minimum of 20, no parole and in isolation. Plenty of time to reflect on life’s choices. Not heard what’s happening with the parents but would love to know. Sentence in years does not justify the years taken from that family in my opinion

  8. “It” should have been tarred and feathered, after a few public floggings and weeks in the stocks .
    A coward , a murderer , druggie all round price of rubbish – his parents – so proud !!!!! – they helped him lie and cheat
    No shame , couldn’t care less for others .
    Going to trial – no thought that it puts the innocent party through even more than they have already had to endure due to the behaviour of this sub human vermin

  9. Sadly the 6 years mentioned is about right.
    I knew a drug dealer who got 25 years in 1999, I was I see him 5 years later down the town , he said on appeal it got reduced to 9 and walked in 4 years. No idea if he started again as moved area.

  10. I was pleased when I saw that the law now stated in case of death, drivers under the influence of narcotics could get life imprisonment. I am very curious to see when the law actually applies if it doesn’t in this case. The victims certainly received a life sentence!

  11. Found him to going back to his car for his drugs… Charge him
    He run from the scene.. Charge him.
    Deliberate drug infused death.. 16 years omg..
    Driving licence life ban not 10 years.
    Dangerous driver kills and gets lenient sentence

  12. Is the sentence covering all of his offences , death by dangerous driving, refusing to give a sample, leaving the scene of an accident, driving a defective vehicle, driving under the influence, possession with intent to supply?

    Or are there additional sentences to come?

    Is there any action being taken against his parents, who obviously knew of his dealing activities and are his and their business and personal financial arrangements getting some serious attention ?

  13. It will be a good thing if he expires shortly before his due release.
    One of the worst events that i have read about in a long time.

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