Photos: Ramsgate harbour boats and businesses begin Christmas light displays

Ramsgate harbour begins its Christmas display Photo Brian Whitehead

Photos by Brian Whitehead

Boat owners at Ramsgate harbour have started to light up their vessels for the Christmas display.

Boat owners and businesses at the Arches create the festive display each December and attract hundreds of visitors.

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This year St. George’s Church has also illuminated its lantern.

Lights in several categories are judged with a prize-giving then taking place at Ramsgate’s Royal Yacht Club.


  1. I’m surprised that Ramsgate hasn’t got the traditional roasted chestnut stalls. If a business was to start doing this, it would make a killing.

  2. It really is. I’m buying local as much as possible this Christmas to support our wonderful independents. Its a much more rewarding shopping experience

    • I do agree! It’s disgraceful that this monstrosity was ever allowed to berth in the only Royal Harbour in the country!

    • Sad Dad joke of the Day. Smells a bit ….Brexity. But don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of Mrs Brown’s Boys and WW2 Documentaries for you to watch at
      Xmas while you mansplain how to prepare a roast.

  3. The future art barge company, wants to create an emergency access gangway ramp from the barge to harbour parade. Cutting the historical wrought iron railings and inserting a gate. Also drilling in to the harbour wall for support structure.
    Awaiting planning permission, etc.

    The festive lights look great, well worth a visit.

  4. We can only hope that TDC refuse planning permission and that the barge is sent for scrap, It has been there for a considerable time and nothing has happened other than further deterioration. It s a rusting eyesore and does not deserve it’s prominent position in the harbour. Time for common sense to prevail.

  5. A £ to a pinch of salt they are not paying full harbour dues, but mustn’t grumble gives everyone something to moan about.

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