Countdown quiz challenge for Chilton pupils

Quiz challenge at Chilton

Young contestants tackled tough questions, tested their skills and held their nerve when Chilton Primary in Ramsgate staged its own quiz challenge.

Inspired by the popular Mastermind and Countdown television shows, the school’s competition is aimed at a range of elements of Maths and English.

Four teams represented the school ‘houses’ of Romans, Normans, Vikings and Saxons with competitors drawn from each of the age ranges in Years 3 to 6.

The competition was held in front of an audience of families and all pupils from Key Stage 2 who watched and cheered on their house teams.

Pupils faced a series of times table and spelling challenges –  started with answering as many multiplication questions as they could in a minute, followed by a mini spelling bee competition.

Next was the classic Countdown number challenge using a set of smaller numbers to reach a set target. The competition climaxed with a Countdown conundrum where the children had to create a word from a series of given letters.

After a tense competition – that was organised by teachers Mrs Rowland-Hill and Mrs Tamaro – the eventual winners were the red team from Romans.

Head of School Kate Law praised all competitors. She said: “The standard of competition was high and all the teams showed their skills in facing some tough questions.

“It is particularly unnerving performing in front of your peers and families in the audience. We are all very proud of the way our children rose to the challenge and did their best.”