Ramsgate youngsters learn about rail safety in Margate station visit

Ramsgate Arts Primary pupils learning about railway safety

Children from Ramsgate Arts Primary are on the right track when it comes to learning about railway safety.

Pupils from Year 5 took part in a series of workshops, fun learning and interactive activities on a visit to Margate Railway Station.

The message they learned was straightforward and simple – be safe and be vigilant at all times near the railway.

The first workshop took place in a purpose-built studio that used real tracks in a safe environment to educate the children about the dangers surrounding the railways, including the risks of trespassing.

They also watched an informative video which included some scary near-misses of people not being safe.

Interactive learning included being asked rail safety questions in which pupils had to run and quickly touch the correct answer on a display.

They also learnt about the different tools used for fixing the lines and were able to try and lift them to see just how heavy they are.

Assistant Head of School Hannah Dannell said: “We also walked around the station, learning how to buy a ticket, find out information and to stay behind the yellow safety line markers.

“However, perhaps the best part was when a train was approaching and we got the driver to honk the horn for us.

“The whole trip was really beneficial and the children learnt a great deal. The staff were brilliant and the workshops were engaging.

“It is really important for our pupils to learn about rail safety especially as they get older, and become more independent.

“It is a great educational resource that Network Rail and Southeastern are offering through these workshops that help prevent trespassing and keep children safe.”


    • Trains might be on strike during the current economic climate but I think that you’re missing the point that youngsters like this can get electrocuted on the railway line
      Surely educating people especially youngsters about the dangers on a railway has got to be a good thing .

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