Thanet council to carry out public toilet refurbishment programme

Public toilets

Thanet council will be carrying out a refurbishment and maintenance programme at public toilets across the isle this winter.

The council has 27 public toilets listed although three of these, including at Margate Clocktower and Ramsgate’s Cavendish Street, are currently closed.

There will be temporary, individual closures of the remaining toilet facilities while work is carried out.

Thanet council says: “We’ll be closing each of our public toilets for a short period over the winter, to carry out some essential refurbishment and maintenance. Signs will be displayed on the facilities ahead of each temporary closure.

“We’re also closing the Harbour Street toilets in Broadstairs temporarily for repairs, from Monday 28 November. We expect them to reopen by Wednesday 7 December 2022.”

The council’s 2020/21 budget  made a proposal to invest in a £175,000 public toilet refurbishment programme.