Thanet council to carry out public toilet refurbishment programme

Public toilets

Thanet council will be carrying out a refurbishment and maintenance programme at public toilets across the isle this winter.

The council has 27 public toilets listed although three of these, including at Margate Clocktower and Ramsgate’s Cavendish Street, are currently closed.

There will be temporary, individual closures of the remaining toilet facilities while work is carried out.

Thanet council says: “We’ll be closing each of our public toilets for a short period over the winter, to carry out some essential refurbishment and maintenance. Signs will be displayed on the facilities ahead of each temporary closure.

“We’re also closing the Harbour Street toilets in Broadstairs temporarily for repairs, from Monday 28 November. We expect them to reopen by Wednesday 7 December 2022.”

The council’s 2020/21 budget  made a proposal to invest in a £175,000 public toilet refurbishment programme.


  1. i bet all the local druggies and perverts are looking forward to it , will sir roger be cutting the tapes ????

  2. Let’s hope when the works finished the counci will employ some cleaners that actually know how to clean.!!

    • I thought that he never left Birchington unless it was to go outside Thanet! Unless he was desperate well he must have been to use any public toilets in Thanet. Must play the Eagles desperado maybe to your taste Peter!!

  3. The Clock Tower toilets closed three years ago.

    What refurbishment works have taken place in that time ?

    Will they be refurbished this winter ?

    Or will we be once again faced with the nonsense of a protracted debate next Easter with TDC eventually installing a couple of Portaloos on the footpath ? ? ?

  4. £175,000 for the refurbishment of 27 toilets?? I hope there is rather more than £6,500 per toilet available! Also no need to close most of them.. they are already closed all winter…

  5. This is not before time. A positive step forward at last.
    How many of the current provision of 27 toilets can be realistically refurbished to a modern standard within this budget ,when three are in need of major repairs and the rest are in a poor state.
    How much has TDC wasted on the rental of public portaloos over the past 5years ?money which should have been spent on a long overdue refurbishment programme.
    Both the previous labour and Tory administration wasted public money on port a loos , seemingly with impunity ,so it’s pretty rich the present leader blowing her trumpet in this regard .
    Tdc couldn’t do better than take a leaf out of Hackneys book as that Borough has managed to renovate and provide modern state of the art public toilets in London Fields and Haggerston Park without them being wrecked or vandalised.
    This borough does still employ staff to manage these and park facilities who have a presence around their sites.
    Currently the only toilets in Margate that are satisfactory are those in the Turner and they alone can not compensate for the lack of local facilities.
    Now that Homer etal have gone there does however appear to be some positive changes within the current landscape, they can’t however come quick enough .

  6. All the toilets open far too late, and close far too early. They need to spend a lot more than £6,500 per toilet, most are in a very shabby condition. TDC start spending money that benefits the local population.

  7. Is this a case of doing them up before flogging them off? It would be unsurprising since that’s where the Dreamland process is at.

  8. The bandstand toilets in Broadstairs are supposed to be open to cover for the harbour street loos , but the gents was closed due to having no power so the sign outside said To use the Ladies toilets instead!

  9. Some need replacing not repairing civilized parts of the country have done this and their public toilets are a lot cleaner and more modern than the drug ridden hovels we have here.

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