Council enforcement team investigates Margate fly-tip incident

Waste tipped in Broadley Road (image TDC)

Thanet council’s enforcement team is appealing for help to track down fly-tippers who left a pile of rubble in a Margate road.

The items were found dumped in Broadley Road.

Thanet council’s enforcement team posted to social media saying: “We are investigating a fly-tip in Broadley Road, Margate. Rubble – apparently from a demolished brick wall/paved area, and containing a distinctive-looking mirror – was deposited behind Tomlin Drive.

“If you have information, please contact [email protected]

(image TDC)

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  1. TDC need to have a look down Reading Street Road where a lot of illegal goes on. Feel so sorry for the farmer who’s field is adjacent to the road ☹️

    • Absolutely appalling what is dumped on that field. Heras fencing was installed and the flytippers drove into and over it to get to the field. Much of it is clearly building materials and has included bathroom fittings. There is also an enormous pile of leylandii that is slowly rotting away. It will be I possible to identify from what is there to fine anyone.

      The other dreadful dumping ground is between Dane Valley and the industrial units near Revolution Skatepark. Much of that waste and been there for years.

  2. Having stated that there was a very distinctive mirror dumped, would it not have been sensible to post a photograph of it? Somebody may recognise it. It was pointless mentioning it without!

  3. The enforcement team have had a quiet year, aside from a car on the beach in June this is the only other post they have made on their Twotter this year.

  4. You need to have an amnesty for those that employ these brainless morons that would sell their own children for a fast buck,so that they face zero charges for dobbing these gutter trash in.

  5. TDC brought it on themselves by introducing a booking system and charges at the tip. Basically, they don’t want anyone using the tip.

    Boo blinking hoo.

  6. Bordersarntus the tips in Kent/Thanet are run by KCC and not TDC as many believe, the booking system is very good easy to use and no delays like previously before system was introduced as is booking a council pick up of large rubbish ie-:settees which are hard to to get in your cer or van, let’s hope the dumper is caught I doubt it as its possible it’s come from outside of Thanet, there was a mirror exactly like the one dumped in one of the second hand shops in Cliftonville 2017 he wanted to much for it as it needed re backing so we didn’t buy it I’ve already reported it to authority and which shop.

  7. This problem will never go away. Even if the tips had free access to all and dump what you like.It would still happen there’s an element of society that just don’t care the money is more important. Why waste fuel when there are so many country lanes around.

  8. BigChris thanks for the correction, easy to assume TDC due to its location. Was that an Art Deco mirror perchance? There was still be quite a few thousand of those in circulation…

    • Bordersarntus yes it was art deco type exactly same as in photo which was in link posted on here by Steve I think but been removed? Or I imagined it. (no way did I) completely with the bevelled edges typical of that period, I only said about the council as so many different areas covered by one and not the other council so if I know what one is responsible I let the person know so that they don’t get pulled from pillar to post when they try to get the specific department.

  9. This is awful.

    It will only get worse when Peter Checksfield has to dump all his unsold books.

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