Man due in court over burglary and theft of savings from terminally ill Ramsgate man

Terry Price Photo Zoe Norman

A man has been charged with conspiracy to burgle after a Ramsgate break-in where the savings of a terminally ill man were stolen.

Terry Price had stashed some £3,000 in his home which he had planned to use to pay for his funeral and wake but this was taken when his home was ransacked.

Terry, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2019, believed he knew the identities of the culprits and said it was clear the break-in was by someone who knew exactly where he had put the money.

The former market trader, who also suffers with arthritis, had been taken shopping on the day of the break-in but was away from his Leopold Road home for no longer than 45 minutes,

The 66-year-old said: “The money was for my funeral and my wake at Furey’s bar and a few Christmas presents. I had saved it from my pension since I got my diagnosis.”

A fundraiser set up by Terry’s neighbour Zoe Norman let to an outpouring of support and raised a massive £8650- way above the £500 target. Terry says he will donate some of the funds to an animal charity.

A man has now been charged following an investigation into the burglary which took place between 2.30pm and 3.10pm on Saturday 12 November at Terry’s Leopold Road home.

Following an investigation by East Kent Criminal Investigation Department, Mark Queen has been charged with conspiracy to burgle.

Mr Queen, 31, of Gordon Road, Margate, is due to appear before Folkestone Magistrates’ Court today (November 30).

A 26-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of burglary on November 25 remains on bail.


  1. Assuming, of course, ‘this piece of scum’ is actually guilty.
    There are two items in IoTN today highlighting where people have lost substantial amounts of money. Quite a lot of the onus must rest with them.
    Put your money in the bank, not in a box under your bed.
    If your “bank” phonea asking you to do something unusual, phone the bank back *on a different phone*, using the contact details on a statement or such like.
    And, if you’re saving for a funeral or wake, then put the money in a bank account, not under your bed.

    • Andrew spot on plus I wonder how much of the money is recovered from either of two arrested, where the man has been charged and hopefully if tound guilty of this crime gets a sentence which fits the crime and takes into account the loss of money Terry had stolen.

    • Such stupid comments. Why should people have to use a bank ? Things in our homes should be safe. These people are scum enough said.

    • And that’s not always worked out. Loads of folk have been paying into a scheme for years, only for the undertaker to go bust.

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