Teen arrested after car smashes into six vehicles in Cliftonville

Three of the damaged vehicles Photo Mark Proctor

Some six vehicles in Cliftonville were damaged when a driver smashed into them around 3am on Monday (November 28).

An uninsured driver had been signalled to pull over by a police patrol but ignored officers and crashed into the cars in Norfolk Road soon afterwards.

One witness said the vehicle was being driven the wrong way along the road before an arrest was made.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Officers on patrol in Cliftonville signalled for an uninsured car to stop. It did not stop and, shortly after, collided with a number of parked cars in Norfolk Road.

“An 18-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of failing to stop, dangerous driving, driving without insurance and drink driving. He has since been released under investigation while enquiries continue.”


  1. Released? Lock the cretin up until his court appearance.
    Six car owners are now being put to endless trouble to get their motoring lives (at least that) back into order again. Some , no doubt, will lose their No claims bonus by having to claim themselves for something foisted on to them by this complete idiot.
    Yes, keep him locked up!

    • A lifetime ban will not deter scum like him.He,and others,will do it,regardless.
      Law abiding people have to pay the price,for the excesses of these vermin.

  2. I live in Warwick Road, the next road along. We have people racing down at all times of the day and night (more often night) at very high speeds, I’m just surprised this doesn’t happen more often!

  3. “Released under investigation”
    A term I have never understood. If he was (as in this case) caught red handed, there is no reason for any doubt whatsoever, then why not keep the offender under lock and key until the trial.
    Early release too. If a criminal is sentenced, it should be served fully and unconditionally.

    • We had 7 cars written off in Jan this year (Approach Rd). Drunk/high driver… got an 18 month ban and fined £500…not exactly a detterent!

  4. Why release these morons lock them up for a long time,
    This drunken Louth could have killed some innocent person

  5. Richard like the suspected drunk and dangerous driver that killed Heidie on the M2 on Sunday, the sentences do not match the seriousness of the crimes this teenager no insurance /drunk /dangerous /and not stopping for the police why’s he released more than likely cps say not enough evidence, in this case a life times driving ban will not stop him doing the same thing again he had to be going very fast as to the damage done to the vehicles, and the Christmas drinking period has not started yet how many more idiot drivers will THANET have to endure before someone says that’s enough evidence from this year alone should be enough for the authorities most have been a car causing multiple car cars smashed similar to this crash the 5th time not stopping for the police alone has ended with not stopping for the police that is without the killing of tourists by a drugged up driver in Ramsgate,

  6. The miscreant will probably now sue the owners of the parked vehicles for the damage they have done to his own vehicle, along with a claim for personal damages and compensation for whiplash injuries and other losses . . .

  7. From memory, that’s the fourth incident of this type in last year or so, 2 in St. Lukes, Approach Rd and now this. (Are there any follow up on charges from the previous incidents Kathy?) Each time a lot on unnecessary expense and inconvenience for each of those affected. And that’s not including the deaths in ramsgate, which is a whole other level .

    • Thanks to the response regarding one of the St.Lukes incident. A ban that is easily ignored and £500 that might not be paid, hardly much of a sanction for someone willing to drive under the influence in the first place. Were they employed?

  8. If the police saw him smash into the cars then surely that is evidence that he did it. I don’t know what Jim’s on where does it say hes from Scotland. Who do you think pays they board and lodgings when there inside.

  9. What a joke realising him he could of killed some1 smashed 6 cars failed to stop and drink driver what a joke some people now probably can’t go to work because of him.. should of been locked up until court date. Looks like any 1 now can go drive crash and nothing will happen

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