Old Town shop boss appeal to give Christmas Eve boxes to 25 struggling Thanet families

Deb wants to provide 25 Christmas Eve boxes

Margate Old Town shop owner Deb Ellis is collecting for her annual Christmas Eve box appeal.

The Madam Popoff store boss will be providing 25 boxes for struggling families in Thanet and is also throwing a Christmas party on December 19 with Santa, DJ and children’s entertainer.

She is appealing for donations to make this year the most successful yet.

Deb said: “I really want to make this year’s Christmas Eve Box even better than last year. I am also holding a party and need donations of table decorations and money towards food and entertainment and also for a present from Santa for the children.

“It might be the only one they actually get this year so I’m asking people to please help.”

Deb is also hoping for donations of 25 Christmas blankets, 25 boxes of Quality Street, 25 boxes of mince pies, 25 Christmas story books, 25 Christmas themed bubble baths and hand wash and Christmas mugs for adults and sippy cups for small children.

There are two appeal links, one on GoFundMe with a £5000 target and a wishlist on Amazon.

On her GoFundMe page Deb says: “To me, Christmas Eve has always been a little bit magical, and it’s not fair that some kids have to go without because of poverty..especially in this day and age! I want these famies to have a lovely evening with new pyjamas for the kids, hot chocolate in Xmas Mugs, a nice Christmas smelling candle, Christmas Activity books and colouring in, reindeer food and as many treats that I can raise money for!

“I brought my son up alone, yet I was lucky I had a council place and didn’t have to worry about being homeless or that my son would go without presents but loads of families really are struggling. Thanet has one of the highest rates of poverty) and its not the kids fault that they have to have a rubbish Christmas!”

GoFundMe https://gofund.me/21190c3d

Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/hz/wishlist/ls/2UK4QE1ZM6WPP?ref_=wl_share


  1. So you are not supplying or paying out of your own pocket. It’s an idea that you want others to pay for.
    Funny how some of these families can’t afford Xmas but still find money for drink/ drugs for themselves.
    To much begging going on

    • Debbie spends a lot of her own money on this project every year actually. She also puts a lot of time and effort into it. It’s harder to organise than you think. If you disapprove, don’t donate.

    • I’m also putting a lot of time and money into this as well…and always up for helpers if you’d like to donate your time?

  2. Well done Debs, this is a great thing to do. It will give some families a real boost and will put smile’s on faces.

  3. Ignore the haters darling. It’s a lovely thing to do and I know how much of your own money, time and effort you put into this. Well done. Xxx

    • It’s okay. It’s for families who have 10 year old kids having to wash their own disabled dad’s bums as have no carers, a single parent family who have the mum dying of cancer etc. There for the grace of god go I springs to mind. I’m not bothered by the haters anymore..if they have something to say come to my shop.at 4 king street and say it to my face

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