Colourful costumes and crazy hairstyles at Chilton for Children in Need

Children in Need fundraising at Chilton Primary School

Families have been praised for their generosity in supporting Children in Need fundraising at Chilton Primary School despite the tough economic squeeze.

The fun event saw hundreds of children wearing a range of colourful costumes, onesies, tops, and hair accessories as part of a general non-uniform day in aid of the charity.

Head of School Kate Law said: “We are living in difficult financial times with an increasing call on people’s money which is really being stretched.

“Our kind-hearted families donated more than £400 to this very worthwhile cause – it is a great example of our special Chilton community coming together to help those less fortunate than themselves, even when they face a winter of rising prices for essentials including food and energy.”

There were a range of outfits on show across all year groups – and the staff joined in with some colourful costumes too.

There were lots of yellow Pudsey bear full body outfits on show, sweatshirts and jumpers featuring Blush the bear, spotty trousers, bows, and head bands.

Many pupils also opted to adopt a crazy hairstyle for the day too. There was a tasty treat at lunchtime as the kitchen served up Pudsey themed cupcakes and cookies with the midday meal.

Mrs Law added: “As well as having a great day of fun learning, we also considered those who desperately rely on the crucial work of Children in Need, more so this year due to the economic climate and the ongoing effects of the pandemic.”


  1. BBC and children in need……… Over £6 million in wages for 127 staff !

    Before you send your hard earned you may think I am in need more

  2. Or you could get off your high horse and donate to help the children…. Which is the whole point after all.!!
    Moan Moan Moan.

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