Thanet duo launch Christmas hamper fundraiser to help struggling isle families

Darren and Dave want to raise money for Christmas hampers

Two Thanet business owners have joined forces to  make sure families on the isle do not go without festive food and goodies this Christmas.

Darren Page, from Page Flooring, and Dave Wain, of Digital Dwain, are raising money to buy £50 hampers to help families who are struggling with the current price rises.

Dad-of-three Darren, from Cliftonville, said: “I was having one of those weekends and thinking about things and have always wanted to do something for charity but wasn’t sure what.

“Then I went food shopping and everything was so expensive. Christmas is around the corner and I have kids and it just made me think how I could help.

“I spoke to my mate Dave about setting it up and he asked his clients about supporting it and they said yes.

“If people want to donate £2, £5, £10, it all adds up and we can help families who might not be able to afford food and small bits.”

Several companies have made donations and Darren says the more funds there are, the more people that can be helped.

He added: “If we get enough we could put a little present in so kids have got something to open and a bit of chocolate but the first thing is the food.”

Darren and Garlinge stepdad-of-two Dave are hoping that other businesses will also donate.

On their fundraising page the pair say: “We’re going to do it for as many families as we possibly can. We’ve already had commitments that will raise some £400 just from our small group. Individually we can only make a small difference, together we can make a big difference.”

Find the fundraiser here


  1. Some people take advantge of charity, they dont always need what they are gifted and use the gifted goods to swap/sell for other items not edible.
    Helping people top up energy can be done with all the proceeds actually going to top up energy. It can be done.

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