Opening date announced for new Aldi store at Westwood

How he store will look (Image Aldi/Harrison Partnership)

The new Aldi store at Westwood will open at 8am on Thursday 24th November.

The store will be run by manager Thomas Drury, along with a team of 36 colleagues from the community.

In a welcome boost to the regional economy, Aldi has recruited 15 new members of staff for the Westwood store. Applications and more information on all of Aldi’s store positions can be found here.

Aldi’s legendary Special buys will also be available in the middle aisle every Thursday and Sunday.

As Aldi has been fuelling Team GB with food since 2015 through monthly vouchers, Thomas Drury and his team will be joined by Team GB Bronze medallist Grace Balsdon to celebrate the store opening with the cutting of the all-important ribbon. Grace will also give away complimentary bags of fresh fruit and vegetables from Aldi’s Super 6 range to the first 30 customers in the queue.

Thomas said: “We can’t wait to open the doors to the new store in Westwood. It’s set to be a special day and having Olympic hero Grace Balsdon join us will make it a morning to remember.”

Hockey star Grace Balsdon added: “I’m so excited to be opening Aldi’s new store; it will be great to chat to customers and a lovely way for me to thank Aldi for its support of Team GB.”

The store is calling on local charities and food banks to register with Neighbourly, a community engagement platform that links businesses to charitable organisations in the local community.

Local charities that register will be able to collect surplus food and perishable products, such as fruit, vegetables and baked goods, up to seven days a week. Any charities in the area that would like to partner up with the new Aldi store should email [email protected].

The store is at  Westwood Gateway Retail Park in the former Sports Direct, Maplin and Bathstore unit.


  1. Great, Aspen card spenders will love the new store. So many with aspen cards in or arriving.

    great !

    • Though Aspen card was rich people who went to posh Ski resorts, then searched. 98 of them have been placed near KFC & ASDA-so that will probably be their first port of call.

  2. I don’t get the negativity about this new Aldi store opening at Wx
    Aldi are a very astute and successful German company , they’ve invested in building a new store in Ramsgate to replace the previous one which wasn’t big enough and I can’t see any reason why that shop will lose customers
    I think Aldi’s business model is ahead of the game and the new store at Wx will get the business / trade from the many new houses currently being built on Haine Rd and surrounding Westwood Cross sites as well as the rest of Thanet ,plus having a already built car park for this new store is a added bonus
    I can’t see them closing Margate either because there are plenty of people in Margate / Cliftonville that will use it ,incl people who don’t drive , as well as the Dfl’s down for the weekend .

    • Who’s being negative about the WC store? Certainly no-one who’s commented on here.

      As for Cliftonville, I thought the 8th coolest place on earth now had lots of great independent shops, or is that just hype?

      • You for one are complaining that the Cliftonville store , a store by your own admission that you’ve never been to , WILL be affected by the new Wx store .
        Sorry but I don’t think your opinions have any weight to them especially when you don’t shop in that store

          • You said that the Cliftonville store WILL be get fewer people now due to Wx opening …
            Did or Did you NOT say that ?
            Or did I hallucinate that as you so rudely said ?
            No wonder you’re so unpopular with your endless trolling on this site

          • That’s not being negative, merely a prediction… a prediction, if correct, that will HELP all the other shops in Northdown Road (I doubt that the greengrocers opposite would’ve closed a couple of weeks back if it hadn’t been for Aldi).

            I thought I was universally adored by all. How devastating.

    • No real issue with it-better than having another frothy coffee shop or car wash in such a small radius. Although it does seem odd having Tesco, Sainsburys, Lidl & Aldi all so close together, along with an Iceland variant.

  3. There’s 2 in Canterbury much closer together than cliftonville and wwx. They haven’t shut the Wincheap 1 .I was in the cliftonville aldi last weekend 5 tills open .A lot of people use that store.

  4. But if you shut that store there go up the road to tesco. Why have a trip to wwx be it car bus taxi ect . I think there’s to much money in cliftonville going through there tills to close it down. Tesco would love it

  5. All Aldi stores in Thanet will remain open when the new store opens.
    Mind you I will be surprised if it’s ready to open by the 24th on November. It’s in an ideal situation right in the middle of the new estate I guess it will be the last straw for the Star lane shop.

    • I think you under estimate that Aldi have so much experience in opening new shops that they’ll be very confident of hitting their target date of opening the new store at Wx on 24 November .
      Plus you’d be amazed how quickly shopfitters can kit out a store these days especially if they’ve worked alongside Aldi before and already know what their requirements are .

  6. The ĺittle off-licence opposite the old casino in zion place has survived. With aldi 100yards away .A nice guy always helpfull

  7. Cliftonville aldi is closing in February ,for six weeks for a complete refit and will open with self service tills,how do I know the staff told me today,they also having 10 staff to the ad store,so aldi not closing that branch

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