Former fire station site at Westwood sold for £700k

Site of the former Thanet Fire Station

The former fire station site at Westwood has sold at auction for £700,000.

The plot covers 1.69 acres (0.68 hectares). The buildings have been cleared so the site could be developed as long as all necessary consents are obtainable.

The lot was among 153 listed for sale by Clive Emson, the land and property auctioneers. The sale took place yesterday (November 2)

Auctioneer John Stockey said: “This substantial site also includes a telecommunications mast.

“The land is mostly covered in hard-standing and might be developed in various ways as long as all necessary consents are obtainable.

“It was among a number of excellent lots from Thanet and with its favourable situation and potential we had a lot of interest from builders and developers.”

Photo Frank Leppard

Following demolition of the former buildings there remains on site an underground 4,532 litre diesel fuel tank which has been decommissioned and filled with foam.

The Thanet Fire Station began its closure process in 2011 when crew members relocated to Margate and Ramsgate.


  1. One wonders how much it went for over and above the guide price. This could then give an indication to see if developers are concerned about the economy and interest rates.

  2. Maybe developed as an over spill site for Manston, where I notice you cannot leave comments about the parliamentary visits.

    • Surely it should be used as a housing site to build permanent accommodation for those that we have chosen to import into the country . . .

  3. Perhaps they could turn into a car wash. Seeing as the coffee shops all like to build on top of each other at Westwood, why not add to the one round the corner at Tesco, the automated one down the road a bit further on the other side & the one near the Pilgrims Hospice & A&E & make it four within a mile or so radius?

  4. Probably just another land banker is the new owner, its an ok site although that mast requires an exclusion area and hinders what can be developed.
    Could be a lowrise additional lodge with holiday let’s and hotel bedrooms for the existing next door pub with not so many hotel bedrooms ,just leave the area at the mast for car parking as it is now.
    Or Share the site with tesco service station, for electric vehicle charging.
    £700K + auction fees etc its a steal.

  5. Probably a few jealous bods DFL wanting to get their grubby mitts on anything that’s worth something in the future…

    Remember Thanet will be under water by 2050, pointless exercises…

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