Royal Victoria Pavilion shut after outbreak of staff sickness

Royal Victoria Pavilion Photo Frank Leppard

The Royal Victoria Pavilion on Ramsgate seafront is currently closed due to an outbreak of sickness – understood to be norovirus- amongst staff.

A full deep clean is being undertaken and environmental health informed.

Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon said: “We can confirm that The Royal Victoria Pavilion is currently closed after an outbreak of sickness amongst some staff.

“Thanet District Council EHO have been informed. Wetherspoon has voluntarily closed the pub.

“A full deep clean of the pub is being undertaken. The pub will remain closed at present.”


  1. KARMA Not at all surprised. Sent our food back as it looked like sick it took over 3 weeks to get a refund.

    • Its karma that lots of people have been struck down with an illness that can cause long lasting post viral fatigue, stomach issues and organ failures? All because you got some crap food at somepoint? Jesus christ. Some people really do revel in others misfortunes eh.

  2. i think its a very fair comment as too where these diseases might have come from , i dont believe we are being told the whole truth as too what diseases are actually prevelant in our area , just look at covid and the lies we were told and then the amount of people it killed ?

  3. There app say’s “Ordering Not Available. Mobile ordering is currently unavailable, please place your order at the bar”.

    App’s, what do they know ?

  4. Had a burger there last Sunday, it was fine. And they’ve acted very responsibly by closing and undertaking a deep clean.

  5. WEll at least its not a cruise ship, which is the normal venue for these events.Of course Southern Water are working tirelessly to pump sewage into the nearby beaches and waterways, so that might be a root cause, who knows?
    Does it matter, its a minor irritant in life, other hostelry’s are available and some may even serve Peter Checksfield.
    Spoons will resume service soon.They have done the right thing.

  6. Reading the comments on here makes me wish some of you would hop on one of the dinghies left behind, head over to France and take your narrow-minded, petty Little Englander mentality with you. The thought that I have to live, work and raise a family near you absolute morons is truly depressing.

    • Alas, dg, no spell check required. I am just considerably more intelligent than you can comprehend. Sorry that clearly hurts you.

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