Thanet Visitor Information Service in finals of Beautiful South Awards

Droit House Photo Frank Leppard

Thanet’s Visitor Information Service has made the finals of the Tourism South East The Beautiful South Awards for Excellence 2022/23.

The Visitor Information category awards recognise those visitor information providers who offer an exceptional standard of service and guidance. This year, the judges specifically focused on visitor information services which showed a commitment to promoting accessible, inclusive, ethical, responsible and sustainable tourism; in addition to reassuring visitors regarding COVID-19.

When choosing the finalists, judges conducted an unannounced visit and also considered how visitor information providers make use of websites and social media to inspire potential visitors.

The Thanet Visitor Information Service, based at Droit House, is guaranteed, having made the final three, to be awarded either gold, silver or bronze. The final position will be announced on Tuesday 13 December at a ceremony to take place in Brighton.

Cllr Reece Pugh, Cabinet Member for Economic Development, said: “This is great news for our Visitor Information Service, and I’m so pleased that the Tourism team’s hard work has been recognised.

“This is the first time the team has entered the awards since winning gold at regional and national level in 2016, and this accolade recognises their work to rebuild Thanet’s tourism offer post-pandemic, with new initiatives including the online Visitor Ambassador programme. Our ability to welcome and attract visitors to the area plays an important role in the local economy.”

The two other finalists are Eton Information Centre and White Cliffs Country Visitor Information Centre, Dover. is the official tourism website of Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate, and it offers prospective visitors a one-stop shop to find full information on accommodation, attractions and events in the area.


  1. The Beautiful South Awards…..Thanet.Lets hope the judges dont stray away from the seafronts.If they do they will be shocked at the years of litter that hasnt been picked up,grass clumps growing in roads and kerbsides,unswept roads,hundereds of silted up drains,industrial scaled graffiti etc all caused by council neglect.Are you sure you have got this right! I work all over the South East and can honestly say that Thanet is the dirtiest unkempt place by a mile.

    • The award is for the visitor services staff and the excellent work they perform in attracting and helping visitors. They are not responsible for any of the things you are complaining about.

  2. i think someones having a wind up , what with the other recent rating of cliftonville – what planet are these people on ? wake up and face it , its a dump

    • Award is for the visitor services team, the people that run the visitor centre and spectacular they job they do. It’s not for Cliftonville.

  3. Amazing news! Well done thanet visitor information service – something we should all be celebrating, the positive benefits of living in thanet.

  4. It’s just more arty farty conservative blinkered clap trap, nothing real is said just lies after lies.
    So sad to see people believe this nonsense

  5. I agree With Ramsgate Resident people don’t read the article, all those things about dirty streets and so forth have a basis of truth, but this article is about the visitor services team and they do a damned good job, considering the problems that Thanet has.

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