Third book due to be published after Westgate writer’s five years work on epic trilogy

Gavin has completed his trilogy after five years of work

A Westgate writer’s third book in a trilogy tale set in the 23rd Century is due to be released next May – marking the completion of five years work.

Dad-of-two Gavin Parker started writing The Ephialtes Series in 2014, charting a future colony on Mars striking out for independence from earth and a descent into a war neither side wants.

The Canterbury Christ Church University IT worker said: “I suppose it is sci fi as it is set in the future with the starting point being a 23rd century colony on Mars. It gets to a certain size and they decide they want independence from the US Nations and this develops into a war.

“It is loosely base on the American revolution and the interest in the first book is how they go from peace to war even though both sides are trying to avoid that.”

The books comprise Ephialtes, setting the scene as peace breaks down and war erupts; Phobos Rising with continued angst after five years of Martian independence and Deimos, set 30 years after the Ephialtes incident.

The first two books are now available in paperback whilst Deimos will be published in May 2023. There are also a number of connected novellas available.

The series interrogates the social, political, and military forces that shape the Martian secession, and chronicles the far-reaching unintended consequences that arise from it. It is a story of love and hate, heroism and cowardice, and human fortitude and ingenuity across two planets and several generations of families.

Gavin, who has worked in healthcare, local government and education, says he had an interest in creating stories when he was a Chatham House student.

The 55-year-old added: “When I was at school I used to write stories then I didn’t do it for many years. I read a lot but it is mostly history and biographies.

“The books took a lot of time and effort. It was an interesting experience. With the first one I felt like, if I didn’t do it for a day I would give up so I kept hammering at it. The other two were completely different. The last one took me four years as I felt able to stop when I felt burned out.

“It felt really nice to get the first paperbacks – the real thing.”

The series is available as e-books and paperback (books 1 and 2).

Find them from most book and e-book sellers including  The Good Read here