The Human League and Marc Almond heading to Dreamland next Summer

The Human League (Image Dreamland)

The Human League and Marc Almond will be performing on Dreamland’s Scenic Stage next Summer.

The Human League is best known for a song they never wanted to release as a single but that went on to become the biggest seller of 1981. “Don’t You Want Me.”

Some 40 years later, The Human League continue to make and share the best of electronic music.

The original lineup of Joanne Catherall, Phil Oakey and Susan Ann Sulley will be playing at the Scenic Stage on Friday 21st July 2023.

Support will come from special guest Marc Almond. He is an internationally acclaimed and successful artist, who originally found fame as half of the New Wave duo Soft Cell. Marc has sold more than 30 million records worldwide.

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  1. What an unexpected great double bill . Just the type of bands / singers that we should be attracting to Margate .
    I think that a great time will be had by all going to it . See you there ! Lol

    • Some do ! 80’s bands like ABC , OMD , A-ha and Tears for Fears are all bands that I’ve seen in recent years on more than one occasion and they’re all better than ever !
      In fact-checkout the latest album out this year “ The Tipping Point” by Tears for Fears which is amazing,has no filler and well up with anything they’ve made before ,just a shame that at the last minute the band had to cancel their show this July at Kent cricket ground ,Canterbury due to Curt Smith breaking his ribs in freak injury on the tour bus
      Hopefully they’ll play here again in Kent ( Margate ? ) on their next UK tour .
      Another 80’s act that nowadays put on a good show are Bananarama who have an excellent backing band ,check out their live double Cd at Hammersmith Apollo to hear what they’re like now
      I’d like to see them at Dreamland one day
      The only 80’s act big disappointment I’ve had was seeing Tom Bailey’s Thompson Twins who was embarrassingly bad and he should call it a day to his live shows

      • By far the worst act I saw during my time at the WG was N-Dubz! They just didn’t know how to present themselves, and when there was a brief technical problem they were literally just standing there twiddling their thumbs (an old pro like Marty Wilde or Frank Allen from The Searchers would’ve told a funny anecdote or two!). Still, Tulisa was very pretty.

        Best 80s band I saw? A toss-up between Level 42 and The Real Thing (yeah I know they started in the 70s!).

        • Best “ technical problem “ situation at a concert that I’ve seen , was when I saw Black Sabbath and they were having technical problems with the lighting and Ozzie Osbourne’s microphone
          So after a minute of not knowing what was going on Black Sabbath guitar legend broke into a great rendition of “Wonderful land “ by The Shadows .
          How surreal was that !

    • I saw top 80’s English band Squeeze last night doing a warm up concert at Deal before their forthcoming UK tour and they were amazing playing mainly hit after hit after hit for an hour and 40 minutes without a break .
      You’d be surprised how many songs you’d recognise by them
      I also couldn’t believe how strong Glenn Tilbrook vocals still are ,Chris Difford vocals are decent too .
      It was nice to see a band that’s been around the block still having a high standard of musicianship and looked like they were really enjoying playing to an audience again
      I still can’t quite believe that I saw this great band who have previously played Madison Square Garden ,New York playing at a small community theatre in Deal with a standing capacity of 300 .

      • Update .Talk about having the cherry on the cake , After the excellent Squeeze concert on Wednesday night at Deal,
        I left some Squeeze Cd sleeves at the theatre for Glen Tilbrook and Chris Difford to sign
        Squeeze manager arranged for this to happen and I was really pleased to collect them all signed today .
        Thanks lads for doing that for me .

  2. I’m not really a fan of these new-fangled modern 80s acts, but I’m sure they’ll be fun! I did recently interview Marc (via email) for a book I’m working on, and he was both gracious and helpful.

    • I thought for moment that you were going to say that Chuck Berry played with his “ Ding a ling “ whilst they sorted his guitar string out . Lol

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