Feature film shot in Ramsgate now available on Prime Video

Leave Now was filmed in Thanet

An award-winning feature film shot in Ramsgate is now available on Prime video.

Leave Now, which also features local cast and crew, tells the story of Rose Montefiore, recently bereaved, who revisits an old seaside haunt where her chance meeting with a teenage boy re-opens channels of communication with the past.

Filming took place in 2014 and after three years of post-production the movie went on the 2018 Film Festival circuit, winning Best Feature and Best Screenplay at the Brighton Rocks Film Festival and Best Feature at the Fisheye Film Festival.

Ninety-per-cent of the film was shot in Ramsgate, the rest being filmed not much further afield in Broadstairs, Margate, and – for one day – in Kingsdown, the film-makers’ furthest location.

The crew used local streets, schools, houses, the beach, and of course the harbour. They also wanted to use Thanet’s special light and micro-climate. All crew and cast were also from Thanet as director Stephen Frost, and producer Tracy Russell, who both live in Ramsgate, felt it was important to give film-making experience and employment to local people.

The suspense drama stars Ramsgate International Film Festival’s Sylvie Bolioli  and residents Jerry Anderson, Kane Cantell.

Find Leave Now (15) on Prime:


  1. Congratulations to Stephen, Tracy and everyone else involved. Writing a film, funding a film, gathering cast and crew, production, post production and then marketing is a huge task and most do not even get finished. It premiered at Ramsgate international film festival with Brenda Blethyn in attendance, and has done remarkably well considering the budget/limitations of small intimate film making.

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