Chilton little ones explore the world of work

Pupils spoke to Thanet firefighters about their job

Children at Chilton Primary in Ramsgate are enjoying exploring the world of jobs and careers.

As part of their topic When I Grow Up, the Year 1 girls and boys found out about a whole range of diverse occupations both in and out of school.

To start the learning journey pupils demonstrated the type of jobs they would like to do in a special dressing up day that saw a wide range of uniforms and outfits on show.

To inspire their Design Technology learning they created emergency vehicles, using wheels and axles. This was supported by a visit from local fire-fighters who talked about their jobs and showed the variety of equipment on board a typical engine – youngsters even climbed up into the cabin for a bird’s eye view and saw the flashing warning lights in action.

The topic, which occupied afternoon lessons all term, included History where they learned about interesting people from the past including pioneering aviator Amelia Earhart and astronaut Neil Armstrong who was the first man to walk on the moon. They also looked at jobs from the past that do not exist now.

In Geography children created maps highlighting the physical and human features of Ramsgate and made routes as if they were postal workers.  In Art they explored the colourful abstract work of Wassily Kandinsky and Frank Bowling.

Throughout this topic, the children interviewed staff around the school, including Head of School Kate Law, and they also enjoyed a visit from a nurse who told them about her work.

The topic concluded with a trip to the Little Seaside Town learning experience in Ramsgate, where they were absorbed in imaginative role playing in a variety of jobs including vet, nurse, fire-fighter, postman, singer, astronaut, chef and hair stylist.

Year 1 teacher Poppy Winchcombe organised the trip and the visits to school. She said: “The children explored a wide variety of jobs with the aim of broadening their horizons and raising their aspirations.

“The dressing up, trip and visits really engaged all our pupils and they have shown a fantastic understanding of what we have been learning. We feel lucky to provide them with so many memorable experiences.”

Head of School Mrs Law said: “The children really enjoyed this topic – they were keen to find out more about what people do for their jobs and what it entailed. During my interview they asked some interesting and perceptive questions.

“It was fascinating for our very young children to explore the world about them by thinking about the sort of jobs that people do and their importance to our everyday lives.”