Thanet council confirms Florence Court Hotel investigation and alternative emergency accommodation search

The Florence Court Hotel in Surrey Road

Thanet council is investigating a number of complaints about the Florence Court Hotel in Cliftonville which the authority has been using for emergency accommodation for people facing homelessness.

The property in Surrey Road has been the focus on a number of complaints related to hygiene, lack of heating, problems with mice and people becoming scared about uninvited entry into their rooms.

Earlier this month 18-year-old Alexi Price raised her concerns and made a complaint to Kent Police of someone trying to get into her room by forcing the key from the lock.

The teen was placed at the hotel by Thanet council as she was homeless. She said the bedding in her room looked ‘recently used’ and smelt and the overall condition was dirty.

She says she was so unnerved by uninvited attempts to enter her room – on one occasion while she was in bed – that she ended up booking into a Travelodge before a move to temporary accommodation outside of the district.

The online sales worker was so disturbed by the conditions that she has created a facebook page for others to share their experiences in a bid to get action taken.

On it she says: “I think TDC needs to be enlightened on the current issues and to start taking action to give us vulnerable people a better response and also look at ways of managing these houses and also look into sourcing more affordable emergency/temporary accommodation which is appropriate for each individual’s needs.”

Earlier this week a Thanet mum said she has been at the hotel for more than seven weeks with her two young children and highlighted glue mousetraps in the premises and a lack of heating as well as dirty conditions and uninvited attempts to enter her room.

‘Investigating complaints’

Thanet council has paid £30,630 to the Florence Court Hotel between January and June this year for emergency accommodation. The greater part of this – £23,315 – was between April and June.

Thanet council has now confirmed it is in the process of finding alternative accommodation for people currently placed there and is investigating the complaints.

A council spokesperson said:  “We have been made aware of issues at the Florence Court Hotel. We are investigating the complaints and have started the process of identifying alternative properties for the residents who have been placed there in temporary accommodation following a homeless application where the council owes a Relief Duty.

“We investigate all complaints received about the quality of temporary accommodation, including visiting the accommodation when necessary to ensure that it is suitable.”

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 10.45pm on Saturday 17 September following concerns raised by an 18-year-old woman at a hotel in Cliftonville.

“An officer later attended the hotel and spoke to the woman. She was given safety advice and no criminal offences were identified.”

The Isle of Thanet News has contacted the hotel but not yet received a response.

Emergency accommodation on the isle

Thanet council says temporary accommodation placements in the district are limited.

A spokesperson previously said: “The type, location and quantity of emergency accommodation that we can access varies day by day. Placements within the district are limited and options are more varied and numerous outside Thanet. Our aim is always to move households who have been placed outside of the district back into Thanet as soon as possible.

“Temporary accommodation is provided until the household is either successful in bidding for a social rented tenancy on our housing register, or finds an alternative private sector home.”

Thanet council receives around 1,000 homelessness applications each year. The council is landlord of 3034 properties but demand outstrips supply. The authority has 1,740 households on the housing register waiting for an affordable rented home. Of these 923 are individuals and 817 are families.

In June Thanet council said there were 181 households in temporary accommodation, with 96  housed outside Thanet.

Get housing help

Shelter England

Citizens Advice

Thanet council Housing Team 01843 577277


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    • Real world try reading this news article, a young British woman who is/was homeless was put there bedding was smelly as if having been used, while she was in bed someone or more people tried to get into her room, is it not right for anyone be it British or immigrants awaiting asylum or for whatever reason should at least be safe and have clean bedding. Stop being an I’m alright Jack f### you attitude

  1. “real world” Your “im alright jack” is one of the reason this country’s society glue has perished leading to it fragmenting.

  2. TDC are missing the boat here. You could see it up as a Fawlty Towers type experience-where people pay to see the Basil type manager, the confused semi-English speaking waiter etc. After all in a Margate where people can now be taught to draw by people like this anything goes.

    • They maybe getting it for free but would you like to stay in that dirty unsecure hotel if you were homeless. Regardless if its free and have a roof over your head their health and safety is just the same as yours and mine. We are all equal no matter what.

  3. Over the years we’ve had the Leslie Hotel, Glenwood and now Florence Court used for emergency housing and all in cliftonville ( because the council has been unable to find a hotel in another area to accept those in need of emergency accomodation) so 3 hotels , 3 lots of issues. Common thread is those being placed there are in some cases more than a tad problematic.

  4. I stayed here with my kids for a few nights and it was absolutely fine. Way better than being sent to Gravesend

  5. Thankfully TDC housing officers re housed all resident that are there through them, unfortunately to Gravesend. They gave them no means of transporting what little they have to there. so in one hand TDC help them get a roof of their heads, but let them down when asked for help to move their cloths and possessions.

  6. Years ago we tried accepting people needing emergency accommodation but it didnt last because the amount of abuse and damage to property that happened was horrible. Some would even team up to accuse us of things we never did (police never found anything untoward) so that they could complain to the council to get housing quicker. If this lot can cope with it good on them. Wouldn’t touch with a barge pole

  7. Omg this must have been terrifying for this young woman absolutely not acceptable. I really hope TDC investigate further and close this place down, find something else for the homeless it’s obvious they’re not safe here nor in the streets.

    May I suggest to this your lady in future turn the key in the lock because it was easy for the offender to push it if it’s straight .
    TDC find this girl somewhere where she can be safe.
    Great footing and fantastic prove.

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