Cause of blaze at Margate’s GB Pizza being investigated

Crews at the scene Photo Sam Castle

The cause of a fire at GB Pizza in Margate during the early hours of this morning (October 9) is being investigated.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to the Marine Drive restaurant at 4.04am. Three crews and Kent Police attended. The road was closed while crews dealt with the incident.

Photo Sam Castle

A Kent Fire and Recue Service spokesperson said: “Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to a fire in a restaurant in Marine Drive, Margate. Three fire engines attended, and crews wearing breathing apparatus tackled the fire with hose reel jets. Kent Police also attended.

“There were no reported injuries and the cause is being investigated.”

Photo Isabelle de Ridder

Fire crews finished at the scene at 7.58am.

Photo Tony Wait

The award-winning pizza restaurant, which has only just been refurbished and marks 10 years in business this month, has been operating since 2012 and was founded by Lisa Richards and her partner Rachel Seed. Sadly, Rachel passed away in 2018.

Kent Police has been contacted for further details.


  1. I recall some years back, when I was briefly on Twitter, UKIP members arriving in Margate for the party conference asking for recommendations of places to eat: When I suggested GB Pizza, the business tweeted back that they didn’t want any UKIP members in there! Kinda put me off, that they thought they could be so choosy (would be a bit like me saying I don’t want Labour members to buy my books!). Still, sorry they burnt down.

  2. Some considerable while ago you were advised to quit with your comments, whilst you were only slightly in the mire.
    Sadly, you ignored that advice.

  3. Sadly these comments illustrate the very worst of the internet. The article is about a fire FFS. And it’s so sad to see the restaurant in this state. Such a mainstay of Margate’s seafront eateries. The refurb looked great. I hope they can get back to business soon.

  4. Steve, check out the Equality Act 2010, political affiliations are not a protected characteristic. If a person or person’s political affiliations do not match your own ethics, then it’s not illegal to exclude them from your business. For ethical businesses, matching ethics are more important than money.

  5. I cant belive some off the comments here-end off the day a shop has gone up in flames-and i do agree that peter checksfield is nothing but one stupid prat who should keep out off it who has nothing better to speak about.

  6. For those that have been spreading the hate speech and speculation towards these lovely people at GB pizza,It has been confirmed that it was a ARSON attack, so I don’t think your comments will be much comfort to these poor people at GB Pizza.

  7. Peter Checksfield – best known for taking photos of naked girls in local graveyards.

    Lisa Richards – best known for being a good businesswoman who employs local people.

    Hope GP Pizza were insured and can get back on their feet quickly

  8. Kathy, have you ever thought about just permanently disabling the comments on this website.

    It’s getting worse with the trolls and the troll feeders just bickering constantly on anything and everything.

    Yes, I know I have just commented too but I’m trying to raise a valid point.

    I come here to find out about local news and things that are going on in our community – I really couldn’t care less about the opinions and views of a bunch of randoms ?? It must be so draining for you to keep monitoring this.

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