Young litter heroes join mayor’s campaign to keep Ramsgate clean

Chilton litter pickers with mayor Raushan Ara

Young environmentalists from Chilton Primary School in Ramsgate are passionate about keeping their community free from litter.

The school has a team of litter-picking heroes who help ensure the grounds are well looked after and maintained free from all types of litter.

They girls and boys also take their efforts out into the wider community when possible to help improve quality of life for residents and visitors.

Their latest outing saw them support the ongoing anti-litter campaign led by town mayor Cllr Raushan Ara with assistance from town council technicians.

Michaela Gale is teacher of the Year 4 Chilton group that took part. She said: “We were invited by the Mayor to help clean up the Montefiore woodlands which is a lovely spot on the outskirts of the town.

“We sent a group of eager environmentalists to help out. The children are incredibly passionate about looking after the environment and loved tidying up the local area. We have litter picking heroes at school that make sure our grounds are looked after. We will heading out into the community, litter picking in our local area.”

Mrs Gale, who is Chilton’s Key Stage 2 lead, added: “The children were so respectful and loved making a difference to the local area.  It was great to be part of something important. “

Head of School Kate Law believes that taking part in exercises like the Mayor’s further endorses the school’s strong sense of community.

She said: “Our girls and boys take social responsibility seriously. They are concerned about the impact that litter can have visually and the threat it poses to certain types of wildlife. Our pupils learn about the need to support and sustain their environment and, where possible, contribute on a wider scale.

“Our school is proud of their ongoing commitment and enthusiastic efforts. Their actions certainly help contribute to improving life for us all.”

Their actions were mirrored by children from Ramsgate Arts Primary who also took part in the clean-up project. Chilton, Ramsgate Arts Primary and Upton Juniors, Broadstairs, are partner schools in the Viking Academy Trust.


  1. Yes great to see.Shame Im paying Council Tax and TDC are the least about litter.Some streets in Ramsgate havent been swept or litter picked in years.Its almost become acceptable for some people to throw litter due to the poor standards set by our council.Ive seen cleaner streets in the Third World.

  2. you are dead right rick , if you go up nethercourt hill in ramsgate theres weeds around the drains and gutters that are a metre high !!

    • It’s the same in the Northwood side streets. Gutter growth is 2-3 meters in spots. I fully expect tumbleweeds to roll down the street, and Wyatt Earp, to walk by and ‘ clean up’ the town. In more ways than one. TDC where art thou?

      • Weeds are down to KCC there has been litter pickers in ramsgate Town area as wife and others have seen them, and in the Whitehall Rd, pullman Rd and roads off them in this area of Ramsgate all the road drainage has cleaned this year we have had a medium sized road sweeper down our road at least twice this year and a liter picker on at least one occasion, I’m pleased KCC have not touched the wedding as the chemicals they use are not environmental friendly and we have very little weed growth down to lack of rain, I would suggest if you’re areas need some cleaning or clearing you email the relevant council to complain.

          • Quite simple really use hands to pull them up but it won’t happen, or the use of echo-friendly weed killer friendly to animals and insects, it’s dearer than what they use but it’s better for the environment.

  3. Your all missing the point.Im paying vouncil tax gor the area to be litter pi ked,swept,weed killed,graffiti cleared and drains unblocked….Unless I can charge now for my time and everybody elses time.Dont want to be a spoiler but Thanet ix quite easily the worst kept place I have ever seen.

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