Thanet railway worker team ‘Getting Back On Track’ with 100-mile walk for Mind UK

The Getting Back On Track team

A team of railway workers based at Ramsgate depot are due to set off on a 100-mile walk over four days to raise money and awareness for mental health charity Mind UK.

Team Getting Back On Track is made up of Ramsgate conductor Tom Morgan and driver and conductor colleagues Greg Hewitt, Brad Wall, Jez Del Signore, and  Louis Sarraf.

Tom, from Broadstairs, said: “We are raising awareness around mental health issues and the positive impact walking and talking can have on that.

“We’ll be walking from Ramsgate to London Victoria for Mind UK, via all the mainline stations, over 100 miles in 4 days. We want to help get people walking and talking.

“Last year there was over 275 suicides on the railways and we want to number to reduce dramatically.”

The trek will mean the team walking a marathon each day with the expected arrival at Victoria station in London at 5pm on Wednesday.

Tom, who told Thanet Academy FM this morning that he has talked two people down from potential suicide on the railway, says he came up with the idea at a family barbecue and his four work friends said they would join him.

He said: Mind UK fits perfectly with what we are trying to do. We want to get people walking and talking because too often we won’t talk about how we feel mentally.”

The team will leave from Ramsgate station at 7am tomorrow and make their way for an overnight stay in Whitstable before carrying on their journey to the capital.

They have a justgiving page and have already raised £2,370 for Mind UK.

To donate to the  Getting Back on Track challenge click here


  1. It is a good cause why do people moan?. Not many understand a mental illness just because people can walk , talk and seem fine it does not mean they are.

  2. If you can’t say anyhing nice…. then don’t post. Well done Jez and chums. awesome effort for a good cause.

  3. Some really childish remarks on here, some people need to grow up, mental health is very important.

    I wish them good luck with their walk.

  4. Walking is good for mental health maybe they could take their Union Leaders along with them.
    Still a good cause well done to them.

  5. I fail to see what striking for better pay and working conditions have to do with raising funds for mental health.

    Cant people separate the two ? Or do people just want to use cheap shots.

    Working environment, cost of living, relationships break downs etc could all have a mental health issue. Yet some people try to belittle this fund raising.

    Good old little thanet is alive and well, sadly

  6. Peter

    Shame you havent got a sence of humour. Having a pop about striking and now their appearance.

    Keep digging

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