Fundraising efforts at The Crown in Ramsgate for chemo units and boxing club

The Crown in Ramsgate

The Crown in Ramsgate, part of the Craft Union Pub Company, has been fundraising for Ramsgate Amateur Boxing Club and East Kent Hospitals Charity.

Pub boss Kim Morgan, the pub team and customers recently welcomed former customer and now landlord of The Red Lion in Sittingbourne, Carl Bentley to host and participate in a head and beard shave as part of the fundraising initiative for hospital charity’s chemotherapy units. The charity raises funds to support wards across East Kent Hospitals, including the staff, patients and families as well as aiming to make their hospitals the best they can be.

Carl had been growing his hair for two years and agreed to shave it all off to raise money to help care for people suffering from cancer. The head and beard shave raised a total of £3,700.

Kim said: “It was great to welcome Carl and The Red Lion customers to the pub for his head shave. Cancer is something that is very close to both Carl and me, so it was great to be able to play a part in supporting the fundraising for the local cancer wards.”

Carl added: “There are always fundraising initiatives going on at the pub, but this one was very special to myself and Kim. Both of us have connections with loved ones suffering from cancer and losing them to the disease, and it is great to be able to give back to those living with cancer and those caring for these individuals in our local area.

“It was also nice to return to The Crown to carry out my shave, as it was my local pub, and it always brings back so many memories every time I am there. Thank you to all that came along and donated.”

As well as hosting Carl’s head shave, Kim and The Crown have been carrying out their annual fundraising for Ramsgate Amateur Boxing Club. The pub recently held a fundraising weekend, which included raffles and small, fun competitive games.. So far Kim and the pub have raised £1,200 and will confirm their total after the last event takes place tomorrow (October 8) from 8.30pm. This is described as a “fish eating challenge.”

Kim said: “Our fundraising weekend was lovely, the pub team, local customers and I had lots of fun participating in and watching the activities going on. I would like to thank everyone who came along over the weekend and for all the donations we have received as well as all the support, it means so much. The pub is a real part of the Ramsgate community, and it was nice to be able to bring everyone together to have some fun this great local cause.”

Kim is celebrating five years at The Crown this month and Carl are keen to continue their fundraising efforts at the pubs and support the local community of Ramsgate and those in Sittingbourne.


  1. I myself am a local to the crown, we have had some great nights in there , Darts , football, boxing , Kim the landlady and her daughters make everyone feel so welcome, as do all her staff ,and customers, well done keep the good work ,you work so hard to please . X

  2. Please check out YouTube, smelliest fish challenge, on Saturday 8th October one of the crowns locals took on the challenge and absolutely smashed it , the man has a stomach made of iron , all for charity.

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