The Ramsgate driver aiming to clinch Banger racing world title

John Gillman aiming to become the banger racing champ

Ramsgate drive John Gillman is heading for the Banger racing world championship competition this November – and the 22-year-old is hoping to clinch the title.

The former St George’s student has been behind the wheel on the banger racing circuit since he was 15 and, after reaching the final last year, is aiming to take the title on his second attempt.

John is at Aldershot today (October 2) taking part in the Bangers Gold Rush finale and says a reasonable result will cement his place in the world final.

Banger racing, which started up in the UK in the 60s, sees competitors take to the track in salvaged cars that are then repaired, painted and adapted with roll cages to protect drivers as they smash into other vehicles.

John, who works for KKB plant services in Rochester, mostly funds his participation in the sport from his own pocket but is looking for sponsors.

He said: “I have always been around cars as my dad was a mechanic. I used to go and watch racing with him and  I wanted to have a go,

“I started when I was 15 and have been doing it ever since.

“I raise the funds by myself at the moment but the world finals is coming up and I am looking for sponsors for that one as there is paying for the car to be painted nicely, fuel getting there and other costs.”

John travels to the events with a couple of other Thanet lads who also race and says they all help each other out.

The races are held at tracks from Eastbourne and Aldershot to Ipswich – which is where the world championship will take place at Spedeworth Motorsports’ Foxhall Heath Stadium on  November 19.

To get in touch about sponsorship email John on [email protected]


  1. Go for it John good luck as well used to watch it through all the old places in Kent and arena Essex in the 80s& early 90s raced a few times at Crayford in newcomer races preferred to watch it you were born after Crayford shut I only arena Essex and possibly combe haveen Dover & Iwade have had racing in South East since 2000, ( I could be wrong, it’s not cheap is banger racing and amount of work you have to do with the car too make it race safe, as I said before good luck in getting to the final and winning it.

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