Appeal to find missing teenager from Ramsgate

Missing Mary Doran

An appeal is being made by Kent Police for the public’s help to find a missing teenager from Ramsgate.

Mary Doran, 15 was last seen in the town in August where it was believed she was catching a bus to Greenhithe. Officers now believe that she may be in the London area.

Miss Doran is described as around 6ft tall with brown eyes, has long brown wavy hair which she usually wears in a bun and she has an Irish accent.  She is thought to be wearing a light coloured baggy t-shirt, black leggings and had a small blue handbag.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Kent Police on 101 quoting reference 30-0935.


  1. Wow, 15 and missing since August and we’re only just hearing about it? I hope she’s safe wherever she is. That’s too young to be fending for yourself or roughing it.

    • Because she is an Irish traveller and police discriminate to who they want to help it’s sick how they decide who deserves to be looked for depending on there background it’s disgusting find the poor girl and treat her case with respect she is a little girl regardless of her heritage

    • Do you have any idea how many 15 year old go missing?
      If the national news covered every missing child, it would be 24/7 coverage

  2. I hope Mary is OK and safe I know if it was my daughter if she had not contacted me by 24 hours I would be getting in touch with police and press,, at 15 we let them go a bit to get used to living a little as long as they phone up when they got there, glad they are over 18 but you still worry about them.

    • Not surprised she legged it,just treated as second class citizens anyway cleaning a caravan each and every day for hours and hours a day keep running girly

      • no. ill have you know i was in foster care with her and she’s a lovely girl. treat with as much respect as she gave to people.

        • So she’s not a traveller as so reported then I take that comment back ,I was in care too always running away

        • Unknown thanks this is most likely the reason we have not been asked before now, I really hope she is OK if as you say she is a lovely girl and someone who treats others with respect, she could easily be misled by unscrupulous people (drug gangs, peados etc etc) let’s hope she is found soon,

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