Former JC Rook & Sons store in Ramsgate goes on rental market

The former JC Rook & Sons site

The former JC Rook & Sons shop in Ramsgate has gone on to the rental market.

The King Street shop was closed in March this year when the firm went into administration.

Shops in Broadstairs and Ramsgate and the factory site in Ramsgate were shut with all staff being made redundant.

J C Rook and Sons had been trading in Kent for well over half a century but owed some £2million when it shut.

The site is now being marketed by Lovetts Ramsgate with a rental of £33,000 pa.

The store is still kitted out with chiller units for window displays, butchery and delicatessen. The hot units remain in place and leading off of the main shop floor is a cold store and a further ante room offering a sink with running hot water.

The agent says: “We feel that this shop has so much to offer and could lend itself to a restaurant, a cafe or any business looking to locate to the heart of Ramsgate town.

“A further offering on the whole building, including the shop, is available which incorporates the warren of rooms over several floors. The whole building is on offer for a rental of £4,700.00 per calendar month. The uppers have their own access from Abbots Hill.”

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  1. Rent 33k

    Fuel prices going through the roof

    Than you have council Bill’s

    Food prices going up

    Be a brave person who takes that on

  2. £33k a year rent + lots of other overheads – So whoever takes this on is just lining the landlords pockets – No wonder poor old Rooks went under 🙁

  3. The ” BIG ” supermarkets are always going to be the ” winners ”
    It’s such a shame but inevitable, Small shops are rapidly vanishing !

  4. “Small shops are rapidly vanishing !”

    Have you actually been down broadstairs, ramsgate and Margate high streets recently? They’re thriving with independent businesses, pal. Its shops up wwx that are rapidly vanishing…

      • You obviously don’t use the High St. Harbour St is on the up, King St has an opportunity to regenerate and I dont see smack heads and homeless, there is the odd alcoholic but doesn’t every town have one?

        • you cant miss the smack heads begging, not even homeless for on the up, yeah all the shops open, 8 weeks later close. its been dead for years

  5. Can’t help wondering why Freudman, a man well into his 8th decade and quite unlikely to complete his project, never mind see a profit, should be so determined to get his own way.
    No backing from any known or respected business or businessman in Thanet.
    Just two local MPs, one who’s about to retire, hanging onto his coat tails.
    So what’s his motivation?
    Does he really believe he’s God’s gift to Thanet?
    Or has he discovered the end of the rainbow on the edge of the runway?
    Or pirate treasure on the Northern Grass?
    Quite surprised no Thanet Metal Detector Club has yet shown an interest.
    Any thoughts?

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