UPDATE: Golden Arrow 50th anniversary tour listed as cancelled

The tour will come through Thanet Photo John Horton

The Golden Arrow 50th anniversary tour from  London Victoria to Kent tomorrow (September 30) has been listed as cancelled by the operator.

However, run times are still showing on realtime so it is advisable to check at the scheduled departure time at 11.07am.

The Merchant Navy Class loco, 35028 “CLAN LINE” was scheduled to haul the British Bellmond Pullman, formerly the coaches of the “Venice Simplon Orient Express.

The loco was designed by OVS Bulleid and built at Eastleigh works in what was known as original streamlined condition, where they were known as Merchants” or “Spams. In the 1950s the entire fleet were returned to Eastleigh Works and emerged in a totally new form, being  known as “Rebuilts.”

Photo John Horton

35028 CLAN LINE ended its working career at Nine ELms Depot London and was purchased by the Merchant Navy Locomotive Association and restored to working order. She had been in very fine shape upon her withdrawal from service in 1967.

The famous “Golden Arrow” headboard and associated regalia is in memory of the prestigous Pullman car service from London Victoria to Dover Western Docks.

The tour was due to mark the 50th anniversary of the Golden Arrow’s final run on September 30th, 1972.

Details with thanks to John and Jamie Horton


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