Barclays ‘pop-up’ now open once a week at Silvers in Margate High Street

Barclays Local at Silvers in Margate High Street

Barclays banking is now available in Margate town once a week thanks to a collaboration with Silvers café, bar and event space in the High Street.

The bank will have a staff member at Silvers every Wednesday from 9am to 4pm.

The Barclays branch, at 66 High Street, closed its doors in May 2020 but the Barclays Local initiative means “every day banking needs” can now be dealt with at the ‘pop-up.’ Services include financial advice and money management and help using the Barclays app. There is not a cash or counter service.

Margate resident Jack Packman, who is married to Silvers business owner Charlotte, said: “I have been working on trying to bring banking back to Margate High Street for some time.

“We have seen several banks vanish from our high streets and we know that those with no digital access or digital skills are the ones who are going to be worse off.

“So we are working with Barclays to bring banking back to Margate high street as there a high number of Barclays customers who live within the area. This will be every Wednesday between 9am and 4pm.”

Silvers was opened by 24-year-old entrepreneur Charlotte Silver in 2020 and the site also is the base for her Silver Slipper dance school.

Charlotte, who lives in Margate with Jack and chihuahua Jasmine, is also due to open another venture – Charlotte’s Café.

She said the Barclay’s pop-up at Silvers is “exciting.”

Silvers is based at 59 High Street, Margate.