‘Enough is Enough’ cost of living crisis demo to take place in Ramsgate

The demo will also be in support of striking rail and postal workers

A demonstration against the cost of living crisis and in support of striking rail and postal workers will be held in Ramsgate this Saturday, October 1, at 11am.

The demo will be part of the day of action in the national Enough is Enough campaign.

A spokesperson for protesters said: “The campaign is aimed at mobilising people across the country to address the cost of living crisis, while also supporting the current wave of industrial disputes and the need for trade unions to fight for a new deal for working people.

“We are proud to support the striking post and rail workers. Their fight is our fight. We are all fighting this terrifying rise in the cost of living.”

The campaigners say there are  five key demands to address the crisis:

A real pay rise
Slash energy bills
End food poverty
Decent homes for all
Tax the rich

The spokesperson said:  “The campaign has been incredibly successful. Over seven million people watched the launch video and over 500,000 supporters have signed up to back the campaign.

“So many people wanted to support the campaign that the Enough is Enough website crashed shortly after launch.”

Protestors are urging local people to come and join them, with the spokesperson saying : “The cost of living crisis is, of course,  a huge threat to ordinary people everywhere, but Thanet is one of the poorest parts of the country and is really in the firing line. People here will really suffer as the bills come in. Please come and join us and make your voices heard.”

The protesters are meeting at 11am on Wilfred Road next to Ramsgate railway station.


      • I do hope they behave with a little more decorum than they did in Dover a few months back. There is a video online featuring several of the usual South Thanet instigators (including a couple who regularly post on here), chanting “We are the Tory haters” while Natalie Elphicke tries to speak. Whatever one may think of Ms. Elphicke – and I’m not a fan either – behaviour like this does nothing to further their cause.

    • Enough is Enough is a new nationwide campaign to highlight how this government is damaging those who are on low wages or vulnerable. It’s to raise awareness of the ever increasing wealth divide. I’m guessing you are a Tory by your tone.

      • The left assumes that anyone that is not a member of Momentum the SWP or South Thanet Labour Party are by definition a capitalist reactionary. Some of the toy town Marxist comments hear remind me of my student days back in the 70s. Most of the lefty people I know are well off. Their socialism is selective. I know several that are landlords . Hypocrites most of them out for their own ends just like the other people you hate .

  1. Enough is Enough is a campaign that’s fronted by Mick Lynch ambulance amongst others. They call for fair pay that matches inflation. From their website: “We were founded by trade unions and community organisations determined to push back against the misery forced on millions by rising bills, low wages, food poverty, shoddy housing – and a society run only for a wealthy elite. We can’t rely on the establishment to solve our problems. It’s up to us in every workplace and every community.“ You can sign up here – https://wesayenough.co.uk/

  2. Enough is Enough is a campaign that’s fronted by Mick Lynch amongst others. They call for fair pay that matches inflation. From their website: “We were founded by trade unions and community organisations determined to push back against the misery forced on millions by rising bills, low wages, food poverty, shoddy housing – and a society run only for a wealthy elite. We can’t rely on the establishment to solve our problems. It’s up to us in every workplace and every community.“ You can sign up here – https://wesayenough.co.uk/

    • Anonymity.
      I thought you didn’t make spelling mistakes?

      I think the posters point was that you can spot a Tory by their disregard for the workers, while instead focusing as what they see as some hidden communist plot to pay people a proper wage.

      • That’s a lie. I said that there are no spelling mistakes in my books (which go through a very thorough grammar check and proof-reading process prior to publication). My spelling is no more than mediocre, though perhaps better than most people who went to 4 different secondary schools and left with zero qualifications!

  3. Sounds good.
    There’s a lot in the media right now about how the Tories are stumbling and how Labour are soaring etc etc. But I’m old enough to recall how awful life was under Thatcher and Major and how relieved I was to have Blair and Labour take over.
    But it didn’t last. I think that Blair did some good things, notably on education and on setting up Sure Start centres. But he did this without much fanfare ,as part of managerial “tweaking” of existing policy. Once he was elected, the Labour vote began to decline until the Tories got back in and wiped out all the gains we had made.
    This idea of a campaign outside of the main political Parties is good. Because they will always let us down as they put the happiness of the well-off first, hoping that they might have a bit of cash left to promise us more nurses or doctors etc.
    But the well-off soon put the pressure on and the likes of Blair and Starmer soon back down. We need our own pressure campaigns to make sure that the ordinary people are considered FIRST. The rich can look after themselves!

  4. As usual the hard left Ramsgate Popular Front waving their placards and shouting Up the Workers.
    Anyway, glad to see it won’t impact on my shopping trip on Saturday.
    I really hope Liz Truss stands firm and breaks the power of the unions.
    Only posting this as I know it winds up the hard left and one person in particular.
    Professional demonstrators like they used to have professional mourners.

    • What a strange take. Always shocks me when people vilify other people for asking for fair wages and better standard of living when the rich 5% take the most out of society and give nothing back. They didn’t work hard or put in the hours, they played a system, abused power and have more wealth than they need, yet Bob the postman is the real bad guy yeah.

      • Do you REALLY believe that the Ramsgate rent-a-mob care about local hard-working people? They only ever come in here when there is a possibility of upsetting “the establishment”, NEVER to (say) encourage local businesses, sportspersons, volunteers and artists – the number one story on here at the moment is the great news about the Granville Theatre being saved, but do the Carlys, Christines and Andrews congratulate Ramsgate-born sisters Zahra and Parisa Tarjomani? Of course not!

    • I call them the British Workers party mob. Many live in Kingsgate or Dumpton . I’ve never met a poor socialist .

    • I don’t know what all the fuss is about, Liz Truss has waved her magic wand, and the Free Market will provide for everyone, eventually, in a year or two, maybe more. Is it possible for a non MP to become Prime Minister? Just asking, because Mick Lynch could have go, and make a better job of it than the Tory’s ever could.

  5. Yes! We need a General Strike! Really show the Tories in power what we want….we want power cuts during Christmas….we want no postal service….we want no food deliveries to Supermarkets…that will really hurt them ..people power YES!

    • Those results seem like they’re exactly what the Tories want to achieve all by themselves if their fiscal ‘plans’ are anything to go by. They definitely seem out to destroy this fine country by stupidly rewarding the rich for doing nothing and treading on the workers who actually create the wealth. They must’ve found an orchard of money trees somewhere to pay for this madness. But I think not, it’s just magic rabbit Tory economics. Seems like all the major local and international financial organisations agree with me.

  6. Liz Truss, if she and her cronies stay in power much longer, will destroy what’s left of this country’s international reputation and split the people down the middle, between the rich and the workers. What a disaster that will be. I wonder if her leaving words will be ‘let them eat cake’…

      • Might have worked hard but knew how to play the system. How to avoid paying the correct tax etc.

        And will have walked over people at some point

        • If you believe the well off have earned it all above board than take your head out of the sand.

          Its impossible to make it in the uk unless you bend the rules.

          Why do big companies avoid tax ?

          • Ironically of course, these autumn/winter postal strikes will just make more people use Amazon, one of the biggest companies of all… which, as someone who makes a sizeable proportion of his income via Amazon, is absolutely fine by me. So, please keep up the good work, radical left!

          • Peter

            You have seen the news ?

            Bank of England having to step in. All this because the Tories gave they mates a big tax cut.
            We came within hours of all having our pensions wiped out. Yea that’s good old Tories.

            I know people who have made it good and they all had a very good accountant. Who managed to stop them paying taxes.

      • That about sums it up.
        If there was an equitable system, then, by working hard, you could make a decent living and be comfortably off.
        You wouldn’t be in a position where 10% of people own 90% of the wealth of the Nation. You get obscenely rich like that by dodging taxes, by dodgy dealing, by insider trading (which is what, some suggest, what happened last week).

      • You mean the middle class . Membership of the Labour party is middle class . Labour primarily for the middle class . They ridicule the working class . There were too stupid and ignorant to vote for Corbyn in 2019.

    • Ian, in my newspaper this morning they are thinking of cutting Benefits too in order to pay back all the borrowing! So, all those people who are struggling now, wait until your Benefits are cut, and your rent goes up, because your Landlord has had an increase in his Buy to Let Mortgage!!

  7. honestly people all wanting something for nothing you want more money work harder or get a better paying job you want the nicer things in life thats what you need to do other than that stop living beyond your means lose the flash motor only have a property big enough for what you need instead of extra rooms that cost turn the lights off in rooms your not in and the heating life is as easy or as hard as you make it suck it up and stop expecting something for nothing

    • Nick

      So a young couple working hard on minimum wage, should give up their car give up heating and food. Because they cant afford to pay the pvt rent on their one bedroom flat.

      You sound like a very caring tory

      • No,the government should stop paying housing benefits. Empty dwellings will soon lower their rents and make them affordable. The value of properties will come down and young people will have the opportunity to buy instead of being ripped off by SOME landlords and heartless companies. It will put an end to ‘buy to rent’ schemes and to inhuman bedsits. My properties will go down in value as well. But that is life. Don’t forget: there’s a war on. We only get financial hardship from it. Others suffer much more.

    • Seaside lover

      Leave it out !

      Mick Lynch talks ot of sence. It’s about time we had good strong unions to stand up against the Tories.

      Why should the rich get their wealth from the poor and working classes

  8. I love the full time author giving advice about ‘hard work’ to other people…

    In the meantime, our hardworking MP just said that the 500bn wiped off the UK market was nothing to worry about.,, 🤦🏻‍♂️

    The war on the poor is intensifying. We will respond soon.

    • You don’t think writing is hard work? I’m actually having a week off (hence I’m on here more often than usual), but I often work from 6am till 10 pm. I’ve also been a scaffolders labourer, a life model, a fruiterer, a doorman, and even a washer-upper and a toilet cleaner (and I did 2 weekly evening paper rounds from the age of 12)… Now, instead of criticising others, tell us all what YOU do, besides shouting outside empty buildings.

      • No, writing is not hard work. Pretending it is tell us everything about what you think hard work is. Putting lots of hours means nothing. You could (you are) be browsing youtube videos of cargo planea landing. Your productivity and outputs matter more than the hours. Yeah, right, you forgot your chimney sweeping internship. Basically, you have been a hobo all your life and now think you can give advice. Interestingly, always working for yourself so no sense of team spirit. It shows in your right wing views. I struggle to see how you can vote Tory with that career pathway, though.

        Anyway, off to disrupt some more Tory conferences, glad I came before the rail strike started.

  9. Let’s distill this to end the thread.

    Those on the left support progressing our society, care for all people and will use all money available to achieve that, no matter where from.

    Those on the right support themselves, care for themselves only and will keep all money available to themselves, no matter where from.


    Quite what’s in the middle I’m not sure, but I suspect something near the current Labour Party (which cannot possibly be described, as implied by some here, as far or radical left), which is why they’re doing quite well in the polls.

    Can we move on now?

    • I’m certainly not implying that Labour under Starmer is the radical left, and may even vote for them (if the party doesn’t split in two by then thanks to, erm, the radical left!).

      Incidentally, and my apologies in advance if I’m wrong, but didn’t the main instigator of the Ramsgate protests Carly Jeffrey quit Thanet Labour over Corbyn being replaced by Starmer???

  10. Most of the protesters will either be retired or on the dole anyway.

    Tighten your belts and stop expecting something for nothing.

    Ho and get a job, stop having umpteen kids and then trying to live the high life on the HP!

    Labour wont save you as deep.down they’re only after your vote to line their own pockets!

    Look at the mess Bliar and Brown left it in last time they were in power.

  11. It’s hilarious to see the usual tin hatters who believe supporting workers is some sort of conspiracy to take what little they have away from them.
    The same people also believe that anyone who is successful in business has got where they are through hard work, as opposed to the typical exploitation, bullying, cheating and other values that Tories use all the time.

    My main income is made through property rental. I was lucky enough to have received a small inheritance when I was 21. I used that money as deposits to buy a house and a flat while I was working. I rented out the house, and lived in the flat while I worked.

    I saved enough money to buy another house with a buy to let mortgage.
    And so on, and so on for 30 years…

    None of this was through hard work. I was given a huge financial boost, and got lucky with regards to property prices etc. My degree was paid for. I got a student grant! All just good timing.

    According to some right wingers here, I should be praised for my “success” but why? I’m just benefitting from high property prices and the inability of my tenants to get on the property ladder. Again, not hard work.

    I’m proud to say that while other landlords are raising rents, I’ve reduced mine since I can afford to take a hit while my tenants can’t at this time.
    That’s the difference. A Tory would capitalise on the desperation of others and call it “a successful business strategy”.

    All tories are parasites, draining every last drop of blood.

  12. My life could have gone the same as BigHairyJack but it didn’t.

    I started my pvt pension I started in the 70’s was screwed by the bankers. Yesterday it came very close to be screwed by the Tories.

    The same Tories that are allowing bankers to be given obscene bonuses again. The same Tories that have given their mates huge tax cuts.
    The same Tories that do nothing about big business not paying uk taxes, because they fund the Tories.

    Thanet is a shining example of a Tory government. A MP who is a director of an aircraft company who wants to open an airport against the advice of an independent body. This airport is headed by a struck off solicitor for miss use of clients money.
    Airports are closing not opening, Doncaster the latest to close after southend.

    Yet people blindly believe these people

    Every single person I know that has made it good has had good fortune or have screwed people over. Plus a good accountant.

    I now rent cant afford to retire and getting close to not being able to pay my way now. Been in full time work since 1975.

    With a bit of good fortune this wouldnt be the case. Funny thing at school we were told we would be the generation of leisure lololol.

    I wont stop working until my body wont do it anymore or I’m dead. Simple.

    Sad really I have brought 3 great kids who all work hard on lower wages and high pvt rents. I have nothing to leave them. I did as I was told, started a pvt pension in my teens, bought a house only for Thatcher and her bankers to put the mortgage rate through the roof. Along with sky high inflation.

    I wish there were more people like BigHairyJack about who care about the community. You are a rare breed.

  13. ?? So because you are fairly well paid you should be happy to see your standard of living fall, or your working conditions made worse. You really dont like workers lol.

    55k isnt a mass wage I wouldnt say no to it but its not up there with the big earners

  14. I don’t understand why everyone is getting hot under the collar over this event. If a few members of the public want to protest and wave placards so what!
    They have the right to protest and you have the right to ignore them.
    Unfortunately for those of a right wing persuasion, this week’s events have damaged brand Conservative, for some time.
    The Major Govt which was neither as incompetent , nor as foolish as this one, was fatally damaged, and nothing they tried stopped the rot, and so it will be here.This was a pity because there were persons of merit in that cabinet. What did not help was a divided and querulous tory party, and a strange decision over rail privatisation.
    This time round, we have someone as PM who is a believer, rather than a pragmatist, and a Chancellor of the same ilk.The tory party is probably more divided than it was in 1992.The wheel has turned full circle and now it is the radical right and not the centre or One Nation part of the tory party, facing the wrath of the public.
    I notice MacKinlay and Gale, are silent about the latest financial disasters, and they are disasters (not Gale and MacKinlay, though on reflection that might also be true).
    When in a hole stop digging, and when in a challenging financial climate, don’t make things worse by being too radical, it frightens the financial horses.
    Its a self inflicted wound, and the best they can hope for is some good news from anywhere and a bit of damage limitation.
    I suspect Michael Gove, Teresa May, Rishi Sunak,Lord Heseltine, and Boris Johnson, are stupified by the nincompoopery on display, and are feeling vindicated in different ways, because there is someone who is so incompetent,that they all appear to be giants of statesmanship in comparison.
    Tell me Peter, why did you choose Thanet as a base for being a tax exile?

  15. These demo’s don’t achieve anything, except unrest and violence. I was a trade unionist in my youth and was a shop steward, I went to a meeting and was offered by the Union a brown envelope to reccomend a bad deal to my members, I walked out (minus envelope) left the Union the next day and never paid the “political levy” again as it went to charity. I would never vote Labour as they are financed by the Unions. I won’t say how I vote but you have a few to choose from!

  16. HMS UK is sinking fast.

    On its plunge to 3rd world existence.

    Like a grand Dame parading in worn out finery to the more citizen inclined countrys whilst knickerless.

    The country had its shot at a “equal and caring society” via Corbyn but allowed itself to be manipulated and brain washed by state controlled media into voting for a psychologically damaged clown on a bike.

    You get what you vote for.

    Its the survival of the fittest.

    Thats not become completely obvious just yet but will after the winter yields to the spring.

  17. Rail workers makìng life as difficult as possible for the public. SACK the lot and employ eastern europeans. Most wealthy people i know locally havegot there by hard work.

  18. Peter, A search of the BBC News site shows no reference to that figure (in reference to a barristers average salary).
    Could you be mistaken?

  19. Thanks for the link, which gives a lot more detail.
    Some junior barristers are earning less than £9000 pa after expenses.

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