‘Enough is Enough’ cost of living crisis demo to take place in Ramsgate

The demo will also be in support of striking rail and postal workers

A demonstration against the cost of living crisis and in support of striking rail and postal workers will be held in Ramsgate this Saturday, October 1, at 11am.

The demo will be part of the day of action in the national Enough is Enough campaign.

A spokesperson for protesters said: “The campaign is aimed at mobilising people across the country to address the cost of living crisis, while also supporting the current wave of industrial disputes and the need for trade unions to fight for a new deal for working people.

“We are proud to support the striking post and rail workers. Their fight is our fight. We are all fighting this terrifying rise in the cost of living.”

The campaigners say there are  five key demands to address the crisis:

A real pay rise
Slash energy bills
End food poverty
Decent homes for all
Tax the rich

The spokesperson said:  “The campaign has been incredibly successful. Over seven million people watched the launch video and over 500,000 supporters have signed up to back the campaign.

“So many people wanted to support the campaign that the Enough is Enough website crashed shortly after launch.”

Protestors are urging local people to come and join them, with the spokesperson saying : “The cost of living crisis is, of course,  a huge threat to ordinary people everywhere, but Thanet is one of the poorest parts of the country and is really in the firing line. People here will really suffer as the bills come in. Please come and join us and make your voices heard.”

The protesters are meeting at 11am on Wilfred Road next to Ramsgate railway station.