Ramsgate boy, 15, arrested over e-scooter robbery and drug offences

Image Kent Police

Officers on patrol in Ramsgate have seized drugs and arrested a suspect for robbery of an e-scooter.

During the early evening of Friday 23 September officers from Thanet’s Community Policing Team were on patrol in the Margate Road area of the town when they saw a group of people acting suspiciously in a parked car.

A search of the vehicle resulted in officers seizing cannabis, equipment and phones believed to be used for drug dealing.

A 15-year-old boy from Ramsgate and a 19-year-old man from the Canterbury area were arrested on suspicion of drug-dealing offences.

The boy was also arrested on suspicion of robbery, in connection with an incident in which a 19-year-old male had his e-scooter stolen at knifepoint on Wednesday 14 September. The robbery was reported to have taken place in an alleyway by the Warre recreation ground in Ramsgate.

Both have been released under investigation.

Enquiries into the robbery remain ongoing and anyone with information which could assist should call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting crime reference 46/180009/22.

E-scooter stolen in knifepoint robbery in Ramsgate


    • What has age got to do with it.. Nothing at all. Ramsgate is full of drug addiction adults selling drugs to minors. Oh and parents are not always knowing what there kids do. Its the drug sellers who need to be put away. Many travel from London in big bmws or audis to street sell drugs. Need to stop the selling of it. Rather than say oh its his age.

  1. Most of the problem teenagers in Ramsgate are from the local care facilities – they probably haven’t seen their parents in years. Lucky parents.

  2. Another day in paradise, I bet by time he’s 18 he will be in prison, offending already at a young age he will continue to do so, wait for the brigade on here to say it happens all over the country, well I’m not interested in that as I live in Thanet, crime rate in Thanet will only get worse

    • So basically, what you’re saying is, you don’t care for objective observable reality across the country. You just want to languish in your bigotry without challenge?

  3. Good on the police for catching these bad boys. If anyone is suspected of crime tell the police. Do your bit to help catch the likes of these.

  4. All the time I see comments on here about naughty kids -it must be the parents fault !! Hang on a minute this kid is a child, the adult in the car obv had licence and everyone says it’s the parents fault,,,hang on have none of u heard of county lines? None of you heard of kids being bullied into it??this is a joke really is because the truth is there was an adult present clearly wasn’t a parent,and for all we read we don’t know that the boy isn’t taking the blame for something he’s not responsible for,, come on,, we don’t know the situation this CHILD is in,could be a cry for help you never know .well I don’t think we have the right to blame parents of this child because we are just reading what we’ve read.unless anyone else knows different?? Just saying because I am a young mum, (well I was when I had my eldest two children) times have changed .most of these children need help I’m sure they wernt born bad -and if it’s the parents fault educate them ;don’t start me on the adult present when child got arrested because I’m sure child will end up paying for adult present mistakes

    • Reads like someone feeling a bit hot under the collar that the behaviour their kids allegedly may or may not engage in is being called out tbh?

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