Three-year-old girl suffers face injury after being bitten by dog in Ramsgate

Image Kent Police

Police officers are appealing for witnesses after a three-year-old girl was bitten by a dog in Ramsgate.

The little girl was riding her scooter near Ramsgate Tunnels when the dog, which was off its lead, bit her at around 10am on Tuesday 13 September.

She suffered a facial injury that required stitches but has since been discharged from hospital.

The dog’s breed is not known but it was with a woman described as being of large build and in her 50s.

Anyone who witnessed the incident or can provide any further information is urged to call the appeal line on 01843 222289 quoting reference 46/179343/22.

You can also call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or complete the online form at


  1. If, found this dog should be put down , it has tasted blood ,and will in all possibility attack again,also why has the woman owner not come forward,to give details

  2. Too many dogs off the lead. Children can be easily frightened at best and at worst we can see what can happen. I do not like dogs running up to me, even though the owner often insists they are harmless.

  3. Iirc there are bylaws that apply to most tdc promenades and similar places, that say dogs must be on leads.
    There are also summer dog restrictions on the beaches but there is never anyone to enforce the bylaws or law.

    The people doing wrong either dont care, cant read the signs or have not been told by an official they are doing wrong.
    Without enforcement, nothing will change.

  4. Really feel for the girl and hope she recovers quickly however the vast majority of dogs are well behaved and make great pets contrary to what a lot of the anti dog brigade that frequent this site would have you believe.
    Unfortunately there are a very small minority of dog owners who should never be allowed to have pets or children but the angry mob with its mob mentality on this site always seem to generalise and paint all dogs and their owners as monsters which is simply wrong.

    The people claiming that dogs should always be on a lead have obviously never owned a dog. Dogs need exercise and need to run, they need to get rid of their energy and a lead walk for most breeds isn’t enough and usually dogs that are left on a lead constantly are the aggressive ones as they have pent up energy with no release and are likely to become aggressive.
    A dog if raised correctly can be the perfect companion as they are highly empathetic, caring and loyal which can’t be said for a lot of the pitchfork waving mob on this site.

    • The regulations say that on the prom, dogs must be on a lead.
      That way, there’s less chance of a child being attacked and injured.

    • Agree with you, but morons, never behave in a civilised way, I am on my 6th dog and each one of them are or were well behaved,and on a lead in the street only off the lead on beach or fields so they could /run

    • Concerned.
      “The anti dog brigade on here….. “ I will suggest that it had happened to your 3- year old daughter or granddaughter you would now be singing from the same sheet as those in that brigade.
      If it happened to one of mine I would be wanting an appropriate response that is for sure, and that would not mean giving the animal a pat on the head.

    • I am a dog owner but I never take my dog off its lead in public places. Not only because of the above incident but I have been tripped over by these tiny dogs. Yes dogs do need to run but in the appropriate places. It’s the owners responsibility to think about this before getting a dog. I love dogs but love most folk more.

  5. It sounds like the same person or very similar who has not been seen in a ramsgate Park since her dog bite another person last year, could it be the same both descriptions large woman approx 50s dog was not described in both occasions, I hope that the young girl recovers fully with no scaring or lasting trauma ( fear of dogs ) as not all dogs will bite.

  6. Ton, Do you own a dog? Have you ever owned a dog ? Do you honestly think that dogs only bite when off the lead ?
    Yes Ton, There is an anti dog brigade on this site, I have had numerous arguments on this site with people who have a hatred of dogs even though they have never owned one. To educate the ignorant all I can say is that You will never find anything more loyal and loving than a dog.
    A bad dog is usually the result of a bad owner just like all the feral kids and wannabe gangsters are a result of poor parenting.
    I have already said that I hope the poor girl makes a speedy and full recovery but to generalise all dogs as bad like some commentators on this site have done in the past is simply wrong and shows ignorance of the highest order.

    • I think your comments are completely out of order.
      It matters not a thing that there’s an “anti dog brigade” or not.
      A little child has been harmed by an out of control dog.
      That’s what’s important.

  7. Concerned.
    Do I own a dog? No.
    Have I ever had dogs? Yes. German Shepherds.
    I repeat. A three year old girl was bitten in the face,
    . That could easily have been fatal as a recent event showed.
    That little girl is the important matter and if she had been mine I wouldn’t be just talking about it.

  8. Phylis, on both my posts I have expressed sympathy and compassion towards the poor girl. For you to deny this is preposterous, maybe it’s time you got off your high horse as Last time I checked this was a comment section where people debate and discuss.
    When the dog haters (there’s quite a few on this site) start vilifying dogs as a species for the acts of a rogue individual dog I will always defend the majority of the dogs as they are voiceless against the hatred. On a daily basis dogs are abused and mistreated by sickos who have a hatred towards dogs, some suffer the most disgusting abuse and cruelty imaginable. Unlike some on this site I have empathy for humans and animals.

      • This could easily have been avoided by the dog being on the lead, I don’t know if there are any notices along that area for dogs to be on a leash at all I’ve been assured that there are by a friend who walks there dog through their, I have a dog but won’t let him off unless he is in a fenced off area due to him being nervous and will run away possibly into road, if as I said in an earlier post that I wonder if it’s the same woman and dog thet disappeared after her dog bit another person in a park locally if it is then the owner is being stupid letting her dog to run free even if it is not the same whoever is the owner should have stayed to see how child was and given details to at least the police this doesn’t mean her dog will be put down and it would be the right and proper thing to do by her leaving in my mind says she knows that it’s her fault not the dogs even it was the dog who bit the girl but it’s owner’s fault.

  9. The Police do not have any experts who can enforce the Animal Welfare Act, and usually refer people to the RSPCA. The RSPCA as a charity are not obliged to take action, and often don’t. They are not a branch of the police, and are not a Statutory agency. I was once elected an RSPCA Trustee, and have made several complaints against the police because they should not refer people to them, according to a letter I have from DEFRA who are responsible for the Act. The parents/police should take legal action, if they can identify the dogs owner, for having a “dog out of control” Don’t let the police fob you off with excuses!!

  10. I like dogs and they should be kept on lends in public places at all times and if there are a danger to people the owners should either get rid of them or have them put down once a dog tastes human blood it can become a danger to people and they can either attack or kill however this owner is they should keep their dog under control and on a lend at all times my heart goes out to this poor little girl

  11. If you know who this woman is, you absolutely have to report her. You wouldn’t want an injury (or worse) to another child on your conscience, would you?

    • Totally agree Sarah, if this dog has indeed bitten before then it should be muzzled and kept on a lead when out . The owner needs to take responsibility. I have 2 small dogs and a 3 year old great grandson they have never been left alone together and a lot of training/educating has gone on with both dogs and my ggrandson. I hope the little girl will be ok but I fear she will carry a scar on her face and a life long fear of dogs. The owner of that dog needs finding and speaking to before there are any more incidents.

      • Correct and wise words.
        That woman needs finding and her and her dog made sure they are under proper control when in a public place. Muzzling seems an appropriate action at the very least here.

  12. No anti dog brigada here. Dogs owners must obey the law thought and dogs must be kept on a lead in designated pedestrian zones and when they are off lead in the allowed areas they must be under control. FULL STOP

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